The 5th Wave Review

It's time yet again for the beginning of another young adult dystopian franchise to begin!

The 5th Wave is directed by J Blakeson and stars Chloe Grace Moretz as Cassie Sullivan, a young girl whose life is dramatically altered when Aliens attack Earth.

Adapted by Susannah Grant and Akiva Goldsman for the big screen from Rick Yancey's novel, the story follows a group of adolescents and their journey into a dark and grim future after aliens known only as The Others attack earth in different stages.

First comes an EMP, then a devastating earthquake which causes catastrophic tsunamis followed by the great plague and then turns our species against each other by slowly possessing hosts. Sounds like a recipe for a great sci-fi disaster film.

But unfortunately, someone threw something a little too bland into the mixture.

In the last decade we've been inundated with YA novel adaptations (Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner) with some being stronger than others but each having some unique touches. The 5th Wave fails to deliver anything new other than its interesting concept aimed at a younger demographic.

We have all the cliches of these young adult demographic films in The 5th Wave such as a young teen hero/heroine, a love triangle and the government exploiting adolescents innocence in some obscene way with very predictable twists thrown in to try and give it some edge (including a not-so-subtle Independence Day homage!).

And that is where the film ultimately fails after building a semi sturdy opening act. Even though Moretz delivers a strong performance, her character ark really leaves a lot to the imagination. Speaking as someone who has not read the source material, maybe her character is allowed more time to mature within the novel in order for her to develop a Katniss-factor.

As you can imagine with this being the beginning of a novel adaptation, more films are likely to follow with the ending being left open ended but as we all know, money talks so we will have to see if the film takes similar figures to its other YA adaptation competitors. Let the battles begin!


Chloe Grace Moretz gives a great performance in a film with a great concept but poor execution. If you enjoyed The Hunger Games or Divergent, then this may be the film for you.


out of 10

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