2015 Top 10 Review

2016 is upon us, and while the weather’s far too miserable for us to prance around amongst the daisies we might as well put our feet up by the fire and look back over the cinematic year that was 2015. Yes it’s time for our annual Top 10 review, when a group of indiscriminate film bloggers get together to try and sum an entire year of cinema up in a simple list of ten outstanding features.

When it comes to Blockbusters we’ve had a somewhat contrasting year of major Box Office receipts and lukewarm critical appraisals with the likes of Age of Ultron, Jurassic World, Furious 7, Minions each adding $1billion+ heft to what has been the most lucrative World Box Office in history (yes you read that right: Furious 7 somehow managed to gross $1.5billion!!), but none of these films exactly romanced critics.

There were two obvious exceptions: Inside Out was a major critical & commercial success, and then something called Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit on December 18th. Unfortunately for Disney Star Wars: The Force Awakens only managed to gross $1.3billion in its first two weeks, so it closed the year as only the 4th highest-grossing film at the worldwide box office. We bet that’s humbled you, Mr. J.J. Abrams!

Away from Blockbuster land we feel 2015 has been a good year for good films, but not necessarily a good one for great films. This is reflected in the reduced number of contributors who took part in our poll this year, and the slightly reduced number of films they voted for - Indeed our most cultured arthouse reviewer Noel Megahey could only muster up a list of seven films! Complaints can be sent on a postcard to Belfast!!

All but one of the films mentioned above made it into our overall Top 10 though, so we hope the following list will give you something to think about. To the carousel!!

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