The Diabolical Review

The Diabolical is a Sci-Fi supernatural horror film directed by Alistair Legrand and stars Ali Larter (Final Destination, Resident Evil) in the lead role as a single mother who begins to be haunted by a strange spectral being every night. With the help of her scientist boyfriend (played by Max Rose), they must solve the mystery of where the being comes from and why it is her that it is haunting.

From the offset, The Diabolical successfully creates a creepy atmosphere with its use of lighting and sound design. The night scenes at many points are genuinely unsettling but never actually manage to be scary and that's where the film falls flat. For a movie billed as being "the most terrifying and shocking film", it never delivered scares that have the audience cowering behind the sofa, which is a shame as the premise had potential.

The only real shocking moment in The Diabolical comes in the final act of the film where the mystery is close to being solved and delivers a twist that was truly unexpected and can easily rival the work of M. Night Shyamalan (or his earlier work at least).

Ali Larter did an admirable job in her role at portraying real fear but the supporting cast ultimately let her down by being very bland at times.

For a low budget horror flick, The Diabolical does a lot of good (which is a welcome change in this currently stagnant genre) but fails to truly captivate the audience for long periods of time.

The Diabolical is out now on Digital Download.


A horror film with an interesting premise and creepy atmosphere which ultimately fails due to poor story execution and bland performances.


out of 10

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