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Neill Blomkamp teases return of classic "Alien" weapon

Now that Neill Blomkamp's "Alien" film is confirmed as a reality, the sci-fi director has made it obvious to fans worldwide that he is fully invested in this project.


Blomkamp took to instagram this week to reveal the return of a classic "Alien" franchise weapon, the Pulse Rifle. Albeit with a few modifications, this is a welcome sight to not only Blomkamp, but all Alien fans alike. From the picture above, we can see that are a few slight changes which could allow for some accessories to be added to the classic weapon.

Only time will tell as at this current moment in time very little is known about Blomkamp's Alien film; apart from that it should be set after the events of Alien & Aliens (meaning that Alien 3 and Resurrection will technically no longer be cannon!) with Sigourney Weaver & Michael Biehn likely to reprise their iconic roles of Ripley and Hicks (respectively).

As a massive fan of the Alien franchise, colour me excited for the return of this iconic piece of movie weaponry.

Watch this space for more news on Alien 5 as it develops.

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