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Breaking: Fantastic Four moving back to Marvel

Update - since posting there have been strong denials from both Fox and Marvel; however it should be noted that Den of Geek maintain that this story is still developing so we're keeping a close eye.

The phenomenal Den of Geek have reported that Fox are handing back the rights to the Fantastic Four franchise following the poor performance of the recent film.

Fantastic Four has always had a troubled history - from the attempts by Roger Corman to hold onto the rights to the mildly entertaining duo of films in the early noughties. However it was the most recent venture that saw director Josh Trank actually dropkick the film on its week of release that probably drove the final nail in to the coffin.

The series returning to full Marvel control can only be a good thing and bodes well for a big-screen re-re-reboot in 2020. In return for the rights, it is thought Fox received the rights to creating TV series in the X-Men universe; indeed two small-screen series have recently been announced. It DOES mean, however, that the X-Men rights are the one major Marvel property that aren't in full control of the studio.

We know Marvel have rejigged their upcoming schedule leading to the announcement of three unnamed new movies between now and 2020 and its thought that Fantastic Four will be one of these...

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