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The Outdoor Cinema Company is unlikely to be a scam


We've been doing some investigation of our own and its now looking likely that the blog post below is mistaken in a number of ways.

Firstly, the website was only registered a couple of days ago (14th April) and its likely that the company hasn't been registered at Companies House yet. The post address attached to the domain is shared with an accountant (KSL Accountants) and it is entirely legitimate for a company to use their accountant's address as their registered address.

There also confusing reports elsewhere that are mixing up events - there are TWO separate outdoor cinema 'tours' happening this year. One by The Outdoor Cinema Company (TOC Events LTD) and one by The Open Air Cinema (Volt Marketing Limited). The latter has been reported in some locally focussed news items as being the focus of the blog post below - and the organiser of those events, Chris Samuel, has even been quoted claiming that they are being 'slated' online. As far as we can tell, no-one has raised concerns about Volt Marketing at all and this has just served to confuse and obfuscate the matter even further.


Blogger Mark Cook has been doing some digging based on his worries about the Outdoor Cinema Company posts many of us have been seeing on Facebook. This 'event' is allegedly taking place across the whole country with a huge number of towns apparently taking part.

However, all may not be as it seems. Not only do the company details of the 'organisers' not match up with an existing organisation; including a postal address that is for a private unattached residence but also, not one of the cities that the event is allegedly taking part in have a confirmed venue or any application for a licence.

The Outdoor Cinema Company website is collecting a lot of personal information that could have seen up to 300,000 people duped. Read more on Mark's blog here.

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