The West Wing: Season 2 Part 2 from Warner

Warner Home Video

have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of The West Wing: Season 2 Part 2 for 28th July 2003 with a retail price of £34.99. This 3-disc set concludes the second season of this political drama series and offers episodes 12-22 in 1.33:1 Full Screen with English DD2.0 Surround audio. There are no bonus features.

Here is the cover art and episode rundown from the PR...

Bartlet’s State of the Union:

President Bartlet gives a rousing State of the Union Address to Congress and then things start to fall apart

The War at Home: Right after the State of the Union, President Bartlet and his staff have to deal with the numerous problems including a hostage situation in Colombia.

Ellie: The Surgeon General makes truthful comments about drugs that get the administration into political trouble.

Somebody’s Going to Emergency, Somebody’s Going to Jail: Protesters and groups with agendas the staff doesn't usually listen to are given hearings. And then there is a pardon situation.

The Stackhouse Filibuster: Everybody is being held up by one lone Senator who won't give up his fight --- eventually, Donna figures out why and the White House change their tactics.

17 People: Toby knows there is something going on that he doesn't know. Finally, Leo tells the President that they have to tell Toby about the MS.

Bad Moon Rising: The President and Leo consult the White House Chief Counsel about whether hiding the MS constitutes fraud on the American public.

The Fall's Gonna Kill You :The rest of the President's senior staff are informed of the MS and each of them deals with it in his or her own way.

18th and Potomac: While the President, his staff, and his wife deal with various crises, Mrs. Landingham buys a new car and that ends up causing the worst devastation of all.

Two Cathedrals: President Bartlet is feeling like the Biblical Job and wonders what he's done wrong to be punished so badly.

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