The Powerpuff Girls Review

Concerned by Townsville's increasing lawlessness, Professor Utonium tries to create the perfect little girl in his laboratory. Unfortunately, Jojo the ape accidentally tips Chemical X into the mix. Utonium finds that he has not one but three little girls, whom he names Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. The three girls have amazing powers...

The Powerpuff Girls is a feature-length spin-off from the Cartoon Network series. As with many big-screen versions of TV shows, the film tells how it all started. The Powerpuff Girls' are often too destructive for their own good, and this gets them into trouble, and the clutches of Jojo, now metamorphosed into criminal mastermind Mojo Jojo. But fear not, the girls soon fight for good and save the day.

TV animation often looks alarmingly crude on a cinema screen and this film is no exception, lacking the knowing crudity of the likes of South Park. The Powerpuff Girls is fast, noisy and brief enough not to bore its target audience. However, you'll get the most out of this if you have two X chromosomes and one digit in your age. It'll be slim pickings for everyone else. Viewers susceptible to strobe lighting should beware.

The Powerpuff Girls plays with a short Dexter's Laboratory cartoon called Chicken Scratch.



out of 10

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