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Prometheus Gets A Sequel, In Comic Book Form

Ridley Scott's

2013 science fiction effort, Prometheus, had mixed reviews from critics and fans alike but that hasn't stopped talk of a sequel being developed.

While a fully fledged big screen sequel has yet to start moving, that hasn't stopped Dark Horse Comics from developing a sequel of their own.

The first issue, titled Prometheus: Fire & Stone, is set sometime after Prometheus, and see's a new team land on the planet LV-223 who try to discover what happened to the crew of Prometheus and uncover a new mystery while there.

Prometheus: Fire & Stone will then be followed by Aliens: Fire & Stone, AVP: Fire & Stone and Predator: Fire & Stone in an attempt by Dark Horse to try to unite the various franchises which have a somewhat confusing cinematic timeline.

Various characters from each book will appear in each series, and the events will be capped off by a special one off book to conclude the entire arc. The first book will be published on September 10th.

Source: Dark horse Comics

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