The Short Fix #3 - TMB Panyee FC

As the World Cup has just started I wanted to do a piece that focused on football and the love of the game this time. Personally I’m not a die hard fan of the game; I don’t support a team, I barely follow the news on it and don’t even try to ask me what some players look like. I do however appreciate the game, especially when it’s played well. So this week I went in search of a short that could adequately express the appreciation for the game that we can all share in and I found something quite special in a branded short from a Thai bank.

Like all great sports films this is based on a true story about an underdog youth soccer team in Thailand. The basic story is that a bunch of kids in a small fishing village in Thailand decide one day that they want to form a football team. They have two big problems though, they have no pitch to play on and they are in the middle of the sea!

Panyee FC is a story of perseverance and hard work that for the five minutes that you watch it truly touches you and makes you think about what the obstacles blocking you from chasing your dream are and if they are really so impossible to tackle?

The production values of the short are quite high, which is probably down to the fact that a bank produced it. This doesn’t bother me however as this isn’t a branded piece trying to sell you something, you hardly notice that it is a branded piece unless you look for who created it. The cinematography is fantastic and to a professional level, the acting by the kids featured in it is great and you even get to see the real players that the story is based on (just like a real “based on a true story” film).

You’ll be happy to know there is no villain, no halftime speech (although I quite like those) and no real sales message. There are however subtitles (which we should all be used to by now! I love them) and a tagline from the brand which is “Make THE difference”.

I’ll be honest there are no downsides to this film and it is truly inspirational. If you don’t already love the beautiful game you should after watching this film.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the short.

Trevor Price runs the blog TV Trev and can be followed on Twitter as @trevorAKP

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