TDF Film Podcast 32 - Steve Martin

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After introducing the manic, blood-spattered insanity of Tobe Hooper to our Hall of Fame we feel a few more “intentional” chuckles are needed to balance the place out, so our next entry happens to be the silver-haired clown himself: Steve Martin, a writer/performer who became one of the biggest stand-up comedians of the 70s then starred in a long run of memorable and at times ingenious comedies in the 80s... only to mellow out and fall into a black-hole of mediocrity in the 90s. Since then his career has been patchy to say the least, with one return to form (Bowfinger) failing to make up for a disappointing slew of bland mainstream dramas (Leap of Faith, A Simple Twist of Faith), quirky neo-noirs (The Spanish Prisoner, Novocaine) and far too many underwhelming or simply disastrous remakes of beloved classics (Father of the Bride, Sgt. Bilko, The Pink Panther, Cheaper by the Dozen) that amazingly proved successful enough to get sequels greenlit!

Naturally we’ll focus on the positives and celebrate all his classics, but we’ll also try and get to the bottom of why his talent seemed to sputter out in the 90s – was it just his desire to move away from physical “zany” roles or was it just the natural maturation of a man approaching his 50s (and now approaching his 70s)? We don’t know for sure, but to help us find out we’ve drafted in one of our long-time contributors and self-confessed Martin Maniac: Kev Gilvear, so tune in and welcome him aboard!

Episode 32 contributors: John White (host), Mike Sutton, Matt Shingleton, and Kev Gilvear

Some of the films that we’ll be discussing:

The Jerk

Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

The Man with Two Brains


Planes, Trains and Automobiles

L.A. Story


As always we hope you'll get in touch with us in the comments section if you feel like chiming in on the subject at hand!

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