TDF Film Podcast 22 - Remakes

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Remakes - Hollywood loves them, cinefans love to hate them, and everyone else probably wonders what all the fuss is about! The topic of the remake and whether they’re entirely necessary is pretty hot right now thanks to the recent release of José Padilha’s Robocop: A cynical attempt to cash in on an iconic 80s money-spinner if ever there was one.. or is it! (Yes, yes it is!). Here at The Digital Fix we’ve decided that, rather than add more spit to the ocean of debate surrounding the merit of these Hollywood reboots, we should take a look at three different remakes that not only are personal favourites of our podcast team and generally widely regarded as successful re-imaginations of old classics, but they also represent different types of remake in their own distinct way.

The films in question are Alexandre Aja’s Piranha 3D, John Carpenter’s The Thing, and Stephen Sommers’s The Mummy, and the team are unanimous in praising the first two horror features, but fractures appear when we turn our attention to the dusty 1999 Action-Adventure. It’s John and Rob going head-to-head, folks! Tune in for more!

Episode 22 contributors: Mike Sutton (host), John White, Rob Bayley, and Matt Shingleton

And here are the trailers:

Piranha 3D

The Thing

The Mummy

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