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Mediumrare Releases for November 2013

Mediumrare are about to release their delayed autumn goodies including a UK premiere for Armour Of God 2 on Blu-ray. The full list reads:


Global adventurer Asian Hawk (Jackie Chan) comes to Europe in search of the ‘Armour of God’, a magical relic from the Crusades. He hopes he can use it to bargain for the freedom of his girlfriend from a deadly cult. With his trusty companion (Andy Tam) by his side, his quest takes him from one perilous adventure to another. Directed by Jackie Chain himself, who performed all his own stunts, it was regarded as one of the most expensive films at the time. The third instalment of the Armour of God adventures, Chinese Zodiac CZ12 is due for release later in the year. Released on DVD and first time on Blu-ray in UK

Release date: 11th November (rrp £12,99 DVD, £14.99 Blu-ray)


Whilst investigating a series of murders and rapes, Policewoman Selina (Chikako Aoyama) is critically shot but with the expert skills of Dr Sara, her memories are transferred into an advanced robot, Eve-27. Teamed up with another android, Anna (Amy Yip), who has gone undercover as a prostitute, their mission is to defeat meglomaniac scientist, Sakamoto, with his mind in a cyborg intent on taking over the world. Notoriously on its original 1991 release as Hong Kong’s first film to feature full-frontal nudity, Robotrix is science-fiction exploitation combines kung fu action with erotic fantasy. Directed by Jamie Luk (Rumble In The Bronx), it stars David Wu (Farewell My Concubine, Full Throttle), kickboxing champ Billy Chow (Fist of Legend) and soft porn actress, Amy Yip. First time on DVD in UK

Release date: 25th November (rrp £14.99)


Cult Eighties fantasy fun. Barry Bostwick stars as Ace Hunter, leader of a mercenary army force who uphold peace, equipped with advanced weapons and vehicles. Brought into the conflict between The Republic of Sardun and neighbouring Gamibia, Directed by former stuntsman Hal Needham (Smokey and the Bandit), it’s filled with death-defying stunts and high-flying futuristic action that inspired an Atari computer game. Also starring Persis Khambatta (Star Trek: The Motion Picture) , Michael Beck (The Warriors, Xanadu) and Edward Mulhare (TV’s The Ghost & Mrs Muir, Knight Rider). First time on DVD in UK.

Release date: 25th Nov (rrp £14.99)



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