TDF FilmCast Horrorthon 07 - Body Horror and US Explosion

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We've covered the British Explosion a few episodes back and now it's North America's time to shine with a new episode dedicated to US Explosion and Body Horror, where we'll be looking at the rise of the modern US horror film when the films like Rosemary's Baby, The Exorcist and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre re-established a new rulebook for terrifying the pants off a paying audience. This is a very general subject with many subgenres to keep us busy - like the Werewolf and Ghost boom of the early 80s for instance - but we've singled out the Body Horror subgenre for special attention because any self-respecting horror fan must have at least a tiny bit of admiration for David Cronenberg and the wonderfully quirky works of Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna. Make sure you tune in if you agree! But if you don't then give us a chance to convince you otherwise!

Horrorthon Episode contributors: John White (host), Mike Sutton, Rob Bayley, and Matt Shingleton

Here's a selection of trailers for just a handful of the titles we discuss:

Rosemary's Baby

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


The Brood

From Beyond


As always we hope you'll get in touch with us in the comments section if you feel like chiming in on the subject at hand!

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