TDF FilmCast Horrorthon 04 - Roger Corman and Euro Gothic

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Roger Corman is a one-man film industry who needs no introduction having produced approximately 400 movies and directed 56. If you've ever compiled a list of favourite American actors or filmmakers, chances are that more than a few of them got their big break working on Corman pictures. In today's episode we're focusing on his Gothic Horror period in the early 60s when he was churning out truly seminal classics based on the works of Edgar Alan Poe. After Corman comes what we call: Euro Gothic, which looks at European horror productions with Gotchic themes from the late 50s through into the 60s, focusing mainly on the early works of "the Italian Hitchcock" Mario Bava, one of the most stylish and influential filmmakers of his time. Both these guys were essential pioneers of the ways in which you can use colour in horror films, so we'll be touching upon all of this and more in the Horrorthon FilmCast!

Horrorthon Episode contributors: John White (host), Mike Sutton, Rob Bayley, and Matt Shingleton

Here's a selection of trailers for just a handful of the titles we discuss:

The Fall of the House of Usher

The Pit And The Pendulum

The Masque of the Red Death

Black Sunday (The Mask of Satan)

The Whip and the Body

Kill, Baby... Kill! (Curse of the Dead)

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