Bring Me The Head Of The Machine Gun Woman Review

The Film

I recently had the pleasure of catching Bounty Killer, an exploitation romp deploying the undoubted sexyness of Christian Pitre to rip roaring effect. Excellent ass kicking action, a knowingly camp attitude and the outright exploitation of Ms Pitre's form and looks made that a tremendously entertaining evening. I have to say I was hoping for more of the same with Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman, but with the kind of Iberian attitude the excellent Sexy Killer had a few years back.imageIt starts well with the statuesque Fernanda Urrejola despatching fellow contract killers in a convenience store, taking great pains strutting around in a few belts, holey fishnets and vertiginous stiletto heels. As each killer appears, the price on their heads is displayed as on-screen graphics and a gaming sensibility is continued as we are introduced to a slacker DJ, Santiago, discussing a shoot 'em up he has just finished playing. Santiago plays the tunes at Che Sausage's place and is soon caught in between our tottering heroine and her evil ex, Mr Sausage, as el chipolata puts a bounty on her head. Santiago is caught eavesdropping and manages to squirm out of execution by offering to deliver the feminine felon to his boss.

And so the rest of this rather slight tale is set up with the nerdy Santiago in the midst of glorious mayhem and strong feelings of trouserly affection for the woman he has offered to betray. Each scene is set up in true gaming style as a mission, complete with graphics for the hard of understanding and pumping tunes of the young person variety to sugar the deal even further. With the undoubtedly comely Ms Urrejola as eye candy, many gunfights, and gross-out torture, what else do you need?imageNow, I have to say that video games have passed me by. If I wanted to spend hours staring at gratuitous images in a darkened room, I can guarantee that it would have nothing to do with Grand Theft Auto. Still, I think that I do get that such products are meant to be immersive, fast paced and single person perspective experiences, and whilst the film on the review does simulate that it doesn't quite possess the technical ability to pull off the entertainment angle in a way that doesn't drag or grate.

Firstly, rather than follow the chief asset, our killer, we are stuck with loser Santiago and his abject cowardice and rather squalid choices. There is a point in the film, some thirty seconds after tending to a near fatal bullet wound, where Santiago jumps the bones of his bound and hemorrhaging patient. At other points he stands by as people, who were very civil to him, are heartlessly and graphically killed, and he even wishes to excuse Sausage, a rapist and serial murderer, from his comeuppance, on the grounds of letting bygones be bygones.imageSecondly, these kind of killer chick movies work as empowerment fables and the gorgeous Machine Gun Woman is a simple, and sadly empty, vessel of male wish fulfillment. She'll fellate a gun, lick the blood off her victims and offer a quickie for a bit of first aid but she has no properly described motivation and is given no personal detail or character. Now there's sexy and there's sexism, and sadly the titular character is very much circumscribed by the limitations of the latter.

Finally, despite being merely 73 minutes long, tempo proves a problem within the action sequences. Tons of slow-mo and an unwillingness to inter-cut means that snappy scenes end up deadened in surprisingly long takes and in unbelievably slow car journeys. The action just doesn't sustain any kind of excitement and, as much as I wanted to enjoy the nonsense of plot and gunfire, I eventually found the film underwhelming.

The Disc

Clear Vision present the film on a region free BD25 with trailers playing when you load the disc for other product from the company. All materials included are HD, and wherever subtitles may be needed in northern Europe you will be satisfied. The sole film related extras are a sometimes soundless loop of onset footage and the trailer. imageAs it was shot digitally, the film has had faux ageing and damage added to resemble an earlier grindhouse product. This is well presented on the transfer which has no need of edge enhancement and offers as much detail as you could expect for a relatively low budget affair. Black levels are good enough and the muted colour scheme is faithful as well. Three lossless audio options are provided with a stereo French track sandwiched by 5.1 German and original Spanish mixes. Concerning the latter, the 5.1 is not really what I'd describe as enveloping with little going on in the rear of the mix other than some basic effects. The English subs are very good, clearly mounted and easy to follow.


Clear Vision's blu-ray release is a creditable effort but the film is not as entertaining as you'd hope for and not as much fun as its title would suggest.

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