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October is upon us and what better way to celebrate the build up to Halloween than smoking a pipe, putting your feet up by the fire and listening to a series of podcasts on the wonderful world of horror. Yes, the Filmcast team here at The Digital Fix have got together to record 10 separate, shorter podcasts this month where we hope to give a rudimentary rundown of the history of the genre & what we feel are the most significant eras, and as an added bonus we've asked the mighty Mike Sutton to contribute his raw sexual charisma and illimitable film knowledge to the mix.

We're calling it The Digital Fix FilmCast: Horrorthon (took us many hours to come up with that!) and the general aim is to keep each episode relatively short (under 40mins if we can) and the conversation topics broad and loose, as we cram in all the classics we feel are worthy of a place on any Horror-fan's playlist. Naturally though, given the sheer scope of the subject and the length of our episodes, we've had to overlook some subgenres (chiefly Horror Sci-Fi), and hey: We've got to leave something for us to cover for future Halloweens!

The episodes are as follows:

1. Silent Horrors
2. Universal Horrors
3. RKO and Val Lewton
4. Roger Corman and Euro Gothic
5. British Explosion: Hammer, Amicus, Tigon
6. The Giallo and Slashers
7. Body Horror and U.S. Explosion
8. Asian Horror
9. Zombies
10. Terror in the New Millennium

First up is Silent Horrors, covering the birth of horror in the days of the Lumière Brothers and Georges Méliès up to emergence of Universal and the comedy-horrors of the late twenties. During this antiquated sojourn we touch upon peerless classics such as The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Nosferatu, The Phantom of the Opera, and even lesser-known but no less worthwhile titles like Haxan and The Student of Prague.

At the start of the podcast we try to identify the origin of the horror film and the exact film that started it all, and as part of that we're just going to post two films that are freely available (due to public domain) on YouTube:

Here is Georges Méliès's Le Manoir du Diable, often cited as the very first horror short:

And here's another early horror short, the very first film adaptation of Frankenstein by J. Searle Dawley, which amazingly has a high-quality scan with resolutions up to 1440p available for free on YouTube:

Remember: You can follow the episodes on our rss page, and also over on iTunes and stitcher.

In conjunction to our Horrorthon this Halloween season the FilmCast team have put their heads together and created a Spotify Horror Playlist that's open for all to use. It's a compilation of ghoulish tunes and eerie selections from choice horror film soundtracks, so check it out! We've also been busy creating a shortlist of 50 Essential Horror Films that we feel are worth going out of your way to check out this Halloween, we'll be posting that later in the month!

As always we are desperately awaiting your feedback, so if you feel we've egregiously failed to mention an important classic or favourite of yours from the Silent era (or you just want to have a moan at our choice of subjects) then please feel free to post your comments! We promise not to set Mike upon anyone who disagrees with us!

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