Digital Fix FilmCast Vol 7: Controversial Movies

As Oscar Wilde put it, "There's only on thing worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about". In this edition of the filmcast, we discuss films that refuse to be forgotten by being bathed in the harsh glare of controversy. Here at the Digital Fix, we believe that all films are sacred (unless they're made by Michael Bay) and we choose to celebrate these shocking, transgressive and frankly filthy films.

I am at hand to tell you about Sam Peckinpah's Straw Dogs, a film that has troubled the British censors rotten and was disowned by the writer of the novel it is based upon. A film that Pauline Kael described as a "fascist work of art" is in fact a modern classic, a template for all of those political home invasion movies that have come along since. You can find our coverage of the film here, and here's the trailer:

After a promising debut, we have invited Robert Bayley back to explain why sewing three strangers together is both big and clever. The Human Centipede was an oddball humanist horror with a very novel approach, its sequel wasn't as Mike Sutton will tell you in his review here. You can watch the original trailer below:

Matt Shingleton brings proceedings to a close by telling us how Ruggero Deodato faced jail for making Cannibal Holocaust. Rather than a simple splatterfest of gut munching, Deodato's film is a tale of cultural colonialism and the villainy of the media. Still those poor pigs and turtles.....

Do let us know any thoughts you have on our choices, and please suggest any films we should cover in future. Our next podcast will be looking at crazy films from the eighties.

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