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Man of Steel gets a follow-up

Hot on the heels of Man of Steel, Warner have announced that Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer are hard at work putting together the story for the next installment - one that comes as a surprise even though it was kind-of expected.

Batman-Superman (we assume that's the working title) sees two of DC Comics most famous leads going head-to-head. Whether they're adversaries or working as a team is yet to be revealed, but given they both tend to have the same end-game it'd be interesting to see just who could be the villain of the piece.

We're assuming Henry Cavill will be returning to the role of Superman, but what of Christian Bale? He's recently distanced himself from the idea of returning to the Batman role so it seems likely that it will be re-cast and is it a bit TOO soon for a new actor in the Bat-suit?

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