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Dead End Drive-In in April

Arrow Video have announced the UK home entertainment debut of DEAD END DRIVE-IN, the Ozploitation classic from Brian Trenchard-Smith (Turkey Shoot, Stuntrock), as part of the ArrowDrome imprint. From the press release…

Available on UK DVD from 8th April, DEAD END DRIVE-IN is one of the classic grindhouse movies, pitting the dregs of society against each other in a crazed battle of atomic punks, burnt out junkers, and a totally corrupt police force.

Set in an apocalyptic future, where crimes rates have spiralled out of control and the economy has permanently collapsed, those in charge have found a perfect solution to the rise of lawlessness... Lock away the undesirables, criminals and low down dirty scumbags in old drive-in movie theatres, which have been converted into violent and deadly concentration camps.

Jimmy and Carmen, a young couple, arrive at their local drive-in theatre hoping to catch a movie, but when the tyres and gas from their car are stolen and siphoned, they find themselves trapped in the chaos that is DEAD END DRIVE-IN...

This definitive DVD edition includes the original movie trailer, brand new artwork and a specially commissioned collector’s booklet by writer and curator Cullen Gallagher.

Last updated: 06/08/2018 23:13:59

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