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Laurie is out of Robocop

Admittedly we had a few doubts when we heard murmurings of a Robocop remake, but then names like Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson and Hugh Laurie began to become attached and began to pique our interest. Unfortunately it has since been confirmed that Hugh Laurie is out and apparently, he was never really in.

Originally the plan was that Laurie would be appearing as the OmniCorp sleaze in a suit, who gives the go ahead to turn Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) into the future of law enforcement. Unfortunately the actor was still in talks which have recently drawn to a close, leaving a space wide open. Now Deadline have already revealed that Clive Owen could be filling the spot.

While we wait for final casting confirmation, Laurie's next big screen effort is war drama Mister Pip which is being written and directed by Andrew Adamson.

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