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Kotoko in October

Third Window Films have announced the UK DVD and Blu-ray release of Kotoko on 8 October 2012. The latest film from Japanese director Shinya Tsukamoto (Tetsuo, A Snake of June).

Synopsis: Kotoko (pop star Cocco in her first starring role) is a young mother struggling to raise her young son Daijiro. Her grip on reality is shaky at best. Through her narration we quickly learn she see s double of everyone, one good and one evil. The problem is she can't tell which one is real, and is constantly moving from apartment to apartment as she assaults neighbours she fears are out to harm her or her baby. Every moment of her life devolves in to paranoid induced state, where she worries what tragedy awaits her son. She cuts herself in an effort to remind her that she is real, and what she's experiencing is not a dream or delusion. The only time she feels at peace, when all her anxiety melts away and she feels whole, is when she sings. Soon Daijiro is taken from her, as authorities believe she is in fact abusing her child, and place him in the custody of her sister. At the same time, a famous author (played by Tsukamoto) who hears Kotoko's singing on a bus begins to stalk her, mesmerized by what he hears. He follows her around, desperate to strike up a relationship with her, no matter what the emotional or physical cost it may have on him or her.

Extras include an exclusive interview with Shinya Tsukamoto and the UK trailer. Both Blu-ray and DVD feature 5.1 audio and removable English subtitles.

Also out on 8 October from TWF is Tsukamoto's earlier cult classics Tetsuo & Tetsuo II.

Trailer and artwork follows...


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