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The Huntsman Could Get His Own Film

Regardless of the massive wad of cash Snow White and the Huntsman dragged in there’s now more interest than ever surrounding the tweaked fairytale because of what went off behind the cameras. It’s a subject that is now up for debate after THR have revealed that Universal plan to make a sequel to Snow White and the Hunstman but dropping the Snow White and part and letting the Hunstman have his own spin-off film.

The obvious conclusion for this is due the backlash of Kristen Stewart and her affair with the first films director, Rupert Sanders that got out last month. It is worth noting though, that Universal head, Ron Meyer had plans for the axe-swinging hero to get a solo gig if the film was successful long before all the gossip got out about who kissed who. Unfortunately that means that should all go according to plan, it’ll be one without the first films writer David Koepp as well after he was originally down for a different contract which included Snow White in round two.

For now though there’s no solid confirmation on whether any of this will happen. Universal are on the hunt for a new writer and Hemsworth still has to agree to it all. Of course there’s still the question of whether Sanders will be offered the job to return to direct which we’re guessing won’t be awkward in the slightest. Honest.

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