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Ealing Classics (UK) this Summer

Optimum have announced the UK DVD and Blu-ray Disc release of three newly restored Ealing classics arriving between 25th July and 8th August 2011. They are:

Went the Day Well - 25th July
Based on a short story by Graham Greene, Went the Day Well is a superb piece of British wartime propaganda. Disguised German paratroopers set up an advance post for a planned invasion in an unsuspecting British village...


  • BBC Radio 3 The Essay - British Cinema of the 1940s audio featurette
  • Cavalcanti short film Yellow Caesar
  • HOH subtitles

The Lavender Hill Mob - 1st August
Alec Guinness plans the perfect robbery in this 1951 Ealing comedy that is celebrating its 60th Anniversary with this release.

  • Intro from Martin Scorsese
  • Restoration comparison
  • Trailer TBC
  • Behind the Scenes stills gallery
  • HOH subtitles
  • More TBC

Whisky Galore! - 8th August
Based on a true story. The name of the real ship, which sunk Feb 5 1941 - during WWII - was S/S Politician. Having left Liverpool two days earlier, heading for Jamaica, it sank outside Eriskay, The Outer Hebrides, Scotland, in bad weather, containing 250,000 bottles of whisky. The locals gathered as many bottles as they could, before the proper authorities arrived, and even today, bottles are found in the sand or in the sea every other year.

  • Audio Commentary by John Ellis
  • Distilling! Original TV Documentary (52 min)
  • The Real Whisky Galore! With Angus Campbell (20 min)
  • Hilary Mackendrick In Conversation With Anthony Slide (37 min)
  • Trailer (3 min)
  • Behind the scene stills gallery

Watch your local cinema listings as the restored versions of The Lavender Hill Mob and Whisky Galore! are receiving limited theatrical releases on 22 and 29 July respectively.

Optimum also have two Alan Resnais classics coming on 25th July 2011 (having taken over the rights from Nouveaux). Hiroshima Mon Amour and Night and Fog are DVD only and barebones.


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