Alice in Wonderland 60th AE (US BD) in February

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment have announced the US Blu-ray Disc release of Alice in Wonderland 60th Anniversary Edition on 1st February 2011. Disney’s original animated version of the whimsical tale is available on Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray+DVD) priced at $39.99 SRP. There is no separate/stand-alone DVD release, but the film will be available to download in SD ($29.99) and HD ($39.99).

Brand-New Blu-ray Features:

  • Through the Keyhole: A Companion's Guide to Wonderland - View the movie in this special mode and discover references to the original Lewis Carroll classic. Kathryn Beaumont introduces.
  • Disney View - Watch the movie in this expanded viewing experience with new Disney art in the wings of the screen.
  • Painting the Roses Red Game - Help paint the roses red in the Queen's garden. Careful, or someone could lose their head.
  • Walt Disney Color TV Introduction (1959) - A never-before-seen color TV intro by Walt.
  • Reference Footage: Alice and the Doorknob - Kathryn Beaumont, the voice of Alice, provides an introduction to this newly discovered reference footage of Alice talking to the doorknob.
  • Pencil Test: Alice Shrinks - Kathryn Beaumont introduces a newly discovered pencil test of Alice shrinking.

Plus, Classic Features:
  • "I'm Odd" Newly Discovered Cheshire Cat Song + Intro
  • Thru the Mirror Mickey Mouse Animated Short (Now in Hi-Def)
  • Art Gallery (with new design and new images)
  • Reflections on Alice
  • Operation Wonderland (Now in Hi-Def)
  • One Hour in Wonderland
  • An Alice Comedy: Alice's Wonderland
  • Original Theatrical Trailers (1951 & 1974)
  • Walt Disney TV Introduction (1954 & 1964)
  • The Fred Waring Show (Excerpt)
  • Deleted Materials:
    • Deleted Scene: Pig and Pepper
    • From Wonderland to Neverland: The Evolution of a Song - An entertaining look at how a song originally written for Alice in Wonderland, finally found its home in another Disney favorite, Peter Pan.
    • Deleted Storyboard Concept: Alice Daydreams in the Park - Deleted storyboard sequence set to music.
    • Original Song Demos: "Beware The Jabberwock"; "Everything Has A Useness"; "So They Say"; "Beautiful Soup"; "Dream Caravan"; "If You'll Believe In Me"

Disc Specifications:
  • 1.33:1; Adjusted to fit 16x9 Television
  • 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound, Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix, Original Theatrical Sound Track
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish
  • Subtitles: French & Spanish

If you opt for the download versions you’ll get the following extras:
  • Pencil Test: Alice Shrinks
  • Thru The Mirror Mickey Mouse Animated Short
  • Reflections on Alice

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