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August DVD News Round-up

Below is a round-up of UK DVD releases this month not already covered elsewhere on the site. Unless noted otherwise these are barebones and DVD only…

2nd August 2010

100 Rifles - Optimum – A Western starring Raquel Welch, Burt Reynolds and Jim Brown.

Butch and Sundance: The Early Days - Optimum - Tom Berenger and William Katt star in this prequel to the highly successful Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid which tells the story of how the infamous duo teamed up.

Free Willy: Escape From Pirates Cove - Warner Home Video – This brand new adventure with a new cast arrives on DVD with 3 featurettes, 2 Deleted Scenes, and a gag reel.

The Haunting of Marsten Manor - MVM – This supernatural horror stars Christine Woods and Thomas C. Howell.

The Last Wagon - Optimum - Starring Richard Widmark, The Last Wagon is about the survivors of an Indian massacre who must rely on a man wanted for several murders to lead them out of danger.

Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful - Volume 3 - MVM - Contains episodes 11 – 14 of this anime.

Mother of Invention - Kaleidoscope Entertainment – This quirky comedy about an offbeat oddball inventor who has never made anything that works and who refuses to give up on his dreams includes deleted scenes and audio commentary.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 1 - Paramount – This spin-off series stars Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J. Extras include:

  • Inspired Television: NCIS: L.A.
  • The L.A. Team: Meet The Cast and Crew
  • Inside The Inner Sanctum: The Set Tour
  • Do You Have A Visual? Inside the OPS Centre
  • Lights, Camera...ACTION! The Stunts of NCIS: L.A.
  • CBS Promos
  • LL Cool J Music Video “No Crew Is Superior”
  • Making of “No Crew Is Superior”
  • Spin-off episodes from NCIS Season 6
  • Commentary by Shane Brennan on “Identity

Old Dogs - Disney – Robin Williams and John Travolta star in this comedy. Extras include audio commentary, deleted scenes, blooper reel and a music video.

Pet Shop of Horrors - MVM - Based on the Japanese horror manga created by Matsuri Akino, the anime series Pet Shop Of Horrors is a four-episode OVA that chillingly brings to life several of the most macabre chapters from Akino’s graphic novel series. Features include: clean closing; trailers; English and Japanese (with English subtitles) audio options.

The Second Front - Metrodome – Ron Perlman stars in this WWII action drama.

9th August 2010

Adventures of a Teenage Dragon Slayer - High Fliers - Branded as a ‘nerd’ and harassed by the school bully, 12-year-old Arthur spends his time playing fantasy games in the underground sewers. One day he finds himself rescued from his dismal existence by a magical troll who knows that the boy unwittingly holds the secret to defeat an evil dragon.

The Infidel - Reolver – DVD & Blu-ray - An original screenplay by David Baddiel and directed by Josh Appignanesi (Song of Songs, Ex Memoria), The Infidel is an irreverent comedy centered on Mahmud Nasir, a loving husband, doting father, and something of a ‘relaxed’ Muslim who discovers that he’s adopted – and Jewish.

Jackie Chan and the Kung Fu Kid - A 15-year-old Chinese boy spends his days dreaming of what it would be like to meet his idol, martial arts superstar, Jackie Chan, and heads to the city and devotes himself to tracking down the Kung Fu legend.

Let Him Have It - 4 Digital Media – Christopher Eccleston and Tom Courtenay star in this true story of injustice and murder directed by Peter Medak (The Krays). The only extra is the original trailer.

Manson Girl - Momentum Pictures - Following the trial of Manson Family member Leslie Van Houten, Manson Girl, is a Grindhouse-esque tale of what led to this young girl becoming one of the cult leader’s disciples and what, in turn, led to the atrocities the group committed in the name of their twisted beliefs.

Mega Piranha - Metrodome - Join Special Agent Finch (Paul Logan) and Professor Sarah Monroe (80’s pop star Tiffany) as a mutant strain of giant ferocious piranha escape from the Amazon and eat their way toward Florida…Extras include a making of and a blooper reel.

Rawhide - Optimum - Starring Susan Hayward and Tyrone Power, Rawhide is the story of a stagecoach stop employee and a stranded woman traveler finding themselves at the mercy of four desperate outlaws intent on robbing the next day's gold shipment.

The Return of Frank James - Optimum - Starring Henry Fonda, Gene Tierney and Jackie Cooper - the story of Frank James continuing to avoid arrest in order to take revenge on the Ford brothers for their murder of his brother Jesse.

Revanche - Artificial Eye – From Austrian director Gotz Spielman, this film is described as a tense and gripping thriller which explores the dark side of human nature. Extras include an interview with the director, a making of and the original trailer.

The Seven Ups - Optimum - Roy Scheider stars in this film about a tough detective, part of an elite New York City unit, trying to find out who killed his partner.

The Stranger - Anchor Bay - Steve Austin stars in this action film as a man with no name, no memory and absolutely nothing left to lose. Extras include a behind-the-scenes featurette and the trailer.

The Torment - Momentum Pictures - A tale of demonic possession, strange goings-on, and human beings tortured to the brink of insanity by forces we don’t fully understand, this horror is presented in a documentary style format.

White Feather - Optimum - Starring Robert Wagner, John Lund, Debra Paget and Jeffrey Hunter, White Feather tells the story of the peace mission from the US cavalry to the Cheyenne Indians in Wyoming during the 1870s. The mission is threatened when one the officers falls for the chief's daughter.

Women Without Men - Artificial Eye – The directorial debut of renowned Iranian artist Shirin Neshat is a highly charged political drama set in the fifties which centres on a group of independent women trying to forge a life outside of the restraints put on them by the State. Extras include an interview with Shirin Neshat.

16th August 2010

A Boy Called Dad - Kaleidoscope Entertainment – This coming-of-age drama from director Brian Percival includes deleted scenes, a behind-the-scenes documentary and audio commentary.

Dexter Season 3 - Paramount – The third season of this serial killer drama series arrives on UK DVD a year after the US release. Extras include cast interviews, Victims Match, Miami's Finest: Inside the Writers Room, Bringing Miami to LA and a Photo Gallery.

Identity - ITV – This six part ITV drama series starring Aidan Gillen and Keeley Hawes follows an elite police unit formed to combat the explosion of identity-related crime and tackles the darker side of reinvention: murders who literally take other people’s lives, criminals who create new personas to escape evil pasts and impostors who look, talk and sound just like us but would kill you in a heartbeat.

It’s A Wonderful Afterlife - Icon Home Entertainment – This rom-com from writer-director Gurinder Chadha includes the following extras: cast and crew interviews, a Premiere featurette, deleted and alternate scenes and the original trailer.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season 5 - Universal Playback – Season 5 of the popular spin-off series.

23rd August 2010

The 7th Dimension - Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment - Ever wanted to predict the future? Ever believed in a conspiracy? The members of Beacon 77, a dedicated group of computer hackers, do and now they have hacked in they cannot get back out …The only extra is a making of documentary.

Adelheid - Second Run - The first colour film by Czech master František Vlá il (director of The Valley of the Bees and Marketa Lazarová), Adelheid is a tragic love story, a controversial and emotional tale of two lovers trapped in the march of history. Features include an all-new digital transfer with restored picture and sound, new English subtitle translation and a booklet featuring an essay by author and academic Peter Hames.

Basement - Revolver Entertainment – Danny Dyer stars in this British horror which is the debut feature from writer-director Asham Kamboj and co-writer Ewen Glass. Extras include 'Behind the scenes' footage plus on-set interviews with Danny Dyer, Kierston Wareing, Jimi Mistry, Lois Winstone, Emily Beecham, Soraya Radford, Asham Kamboj and Bobbi Kandola.

Cherrybomb - Universal – Rupert Grint, Robert Sheehan and Kimberley Nixon star in this film that tells the story of two best friends living in Belfast, locked in fierce rivalry for the same girl as she seductively encourages a ruthless competition for her heart. Extras include a making of and fan interviews with Grint and Sheehan.

El Bola - Axiom Films – The directorial debut from Achero Mañas is described as a vivid and powerful drama of young urban lives. The only extra is a trailer. The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen with Spanish DD2.0 audio and English subtitles.

Flash Gordon: 30th Anniversary Edition - Optimum – Blu-ray only - Featuring an all-star cast and a much-celebrated soundtrack by Queen, extras on this release include an interview with director Mike Hodges, commentary with Mike Hodges, and the Blu-ray is presented in a Limited Edition Steel Book that comes with the Queen Soundtrack CD.

Gantz Complete Collection , Requiem from the Darkness, Rozen Maiden: Traumend – Volume 2 - MVM – New anime releases from MVM.

Largo Winch: Deadly Revenge - Optimum – After a powerful billionaire is murdered, his secret adoptive son must race to prove his legitimacy, find his father's killers and stop them from taking over his financial empire. Based on the comic book series and novels by Philippe Francq and Jean Van Hamme, the only extra is the original trailer.

Life & Debt - Axiom Films – This documentary portrays the relationship between Jamaican poverty and the practices of international lending agencies while driving home the devastating consequences of globalisation. Features include:
  • 4:3 Letterbox (non-anamorphic widescreen)
  • English DD2.0
  • Additional footage from Michael Manley’s interview
  • Special bonus music video “Mr Heartless” by Anthony B
  • Photo gallery of the International Anti-Globalization Movement
  • Theatrical trailer

Lymelife - Network – This coming-of-age drama is a semi-autobiographical tale about the American Dream gone wrong. Extras include the trailer, a stills gallery and an interview with Emma Roberts.

Meat Grinder - This Thai gorefest follows Mai, a deranged woman who runs a noodle stall and is hearing voices in her head all the time. When she finds a dying man in her stall one night, she gets the idea to chop him up, and grind the body parts into meatballs as ingredients for her noodle soup. It turns out to be a popular dish, and as the stall gets more and more business, she must find a steady supply of fresh human meat to feed her customers...Extras include a making-of documentary and the original trailer.

Monk Season 7 - Universal Playback - Tony Shalhoub returns for the final season of this detective series. Episodes are presented in anamorphic widescreen with English DD5.1 audio. There are no subtitles or extras.

The Passion Within - G2 Pictures - Set in 1940s Spain, The Passion Within, tells the true story of Spain’s most famous bullfighter Manuel ‘Manolete’ Rodriguez Sanchez’s (Adrien Brody) and his obsessive love for actress and social beauty Lupe Sino (Penelope Cruz) who becomes the love of his life, until his untimely and tragic death in the bullring at the age of 30.

The Satyajit Ray Collection Volume 3 - Artificial Eye – This set focuses on the acclaimed Indian director’s tougher political edge. The films included are Deliverance (Sadgati) (1981), Home and the World (Ghaire-Bare) (1984) and Enemy of the People (Ganashatru) (1989).

The Scouting Book for Boys - Fox/Pathe – This coming-of-age drama stars Holliday Grainger and Thomas Turgoose. Extras include deleted scenes and the original trailer.

30th August 2010

The Blackout - Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment - Director Robert David Sanders’ debut feature depicts the horror that unfolds when darkness, Christmas Eve and basement dwelling, blood-thirsty creatures come together for a night of frights and bites. The only extra is the original trailer.

Daughters of Darkness - Optimum - Delphine Seyrig stars as Countess Elizabeth Bathory in this erotic vampire horror.

Gangster’s Paradise: Jerusalema - Anchor Bay – This South African crime thriller is directed by Ralph Ziman and stars Rapulana Seiphemo (Tsotsi) alongside District 9 cast members Robert Hobbs, Eugene Khumbanyiwa, Kenneth Nkosi and Louise Saint-Claire. Extras are TBC but should include deleted scenes, director’s commentary and the original trailer.

The Last Seven - Metrodome – DVD and Blu-ray - Dead Man Running’s Tamer Hassan and Danny Dyer reunite for this action-thriller in which a cataclysmic event has left London deserted and under the thrall of a sinister presence. Extras include a making of and the original trailer.

Married With Children Season 3 - Sony – Season 3 of this sitcom starring Ed O’Neill and Katey Sagal. Episodes are presented in 4:3 with English DD2.0 Stereo, French and German DD1.0 Mono and you get Dutch, English, French and German subtitles. Extras include 10 hidden easter eggs featuring interviews with the cast and you also get the infamous lost episode.

Nazi Dawn - Revolver Entertainment - A dark and ghostly wartime secret is about to be uncovered when a battle between good and evil breaks out aboard a WWII-era battleship in Nazi Dawn. Watch the trailer.

Pornography: A Thriller - Peccadillo Pictures – This psychological thriller follows a gay couple who move into a new apartment where one of them finds a videotape hidden in the wall. Discovering that it could be a 'snuff' movie showing the murder of notorious porn star Mark Anton, who famously disappeared many years ago, the man becomes embroiled in the mystery surrounding the tape. Extras include a behind-the-scenes documentary and gallery.

Road Train - Optimum - Starring Xavier Samuel (ECLIPSE from the Twilight Saga), ROAD TRAIN is a supernatural thriller about a group of teenagers menaced by a driver-less train in the Australian outback.

Solty Rei Complete Collection - MVM – Complete collection set of this anime series.

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