The Damned United Review

As I pretty much agree with John White's review, I will direct you to his excellent piece for a detailed study of the film itself. I would add that I'm not a football fan but I know enough about the game and remember enough of Brian Clough himself to appreciate that this is pretty superficial stuff. However, it's very entertaining, often very funny and genuinely gripping and will no doubt make for a better night in front of the TV than it made for a night in the cinema. The fantastic cast helps immensely with the superb Michael Sheen backed by the likes of Timothy Spall, Colm Meaney and Jim Broadbent. Odd, incidentally, that the far more cinematic versions of David Peace's Red Riding Trilogy languished on Channel 4 while this was considered worthy of a big screen release.

Sony's DVD release of the film contains a pleasing 1.85:1 transfer which has been anamorphically enhanced. It doesn't look as stellar as the Blu-Ray transfer but the colours are true and attractive and there is no obvious over-enhancement. The film occasionally looks a little grainier than I would expect but that seems to be intentional. The 5.1 soundtrack is relatively muted for most of the time, this being a film based more on talk than the roar of the soccer crowd, but occasionally springs to life. The extras consist of some featurettes about the historical background and making of the film and an interesting commentary track which looks in some detail at the differences between David Peace's book and the film. We also get some interesting but all too obviously superfluous deleted scenes.

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