Door into Silence Review

Lucio Fulci's last films are products of poor health, few resources, and directorial disinterest. Occasionally he bucked this trend with fare like The Devil's Honey and this his final film, a tale of a man lost in limbo. Door into Silence follows Melvin Devereaux(John Savage) as he ignore warnings, both natural and supernatural, and chases a mysterious hearse across the backwaters of Louisiana.

Curiosity leads him to flirt with a beautiful woman who seems to know his fate, to gatecrash funerals and funeral homes, and he careers, skids and skirmishes whilst trying to uncover the secret of the hearse. Clocks are stopped and time loops back over itself as we finish at the beginning with an explanation of the opening scene. Fulci's penultimate movie is far from perfect - it meanders a little, Savage is a very stiff performer as its lead, and the editing and pacing is not always as accomplished as you'd like.

Still, it's effectively unnerving, dreamlike, and rather chilling, with the godfather of gore in restrained form but still showing the affinity for the dead that marked out his better films. He re-uses a few visual ideas from earlier pieces like The Beyond and he seems genuinely committed to a mysterious more generic film than many he made. His adventure in to a world between life and death proves that he could still creep a viewer out and maintain suspense. Door into Silence is undeniably patchy but it remains a particularly appropriate later film for a man so attuned to morbidity.

The Disc - Severin release this film as a barebones single layer region one encoded disc. The film is presented in full screen and in mono 2.0 like the Italian and Japanese releases of this film. The transfer is a little soft and colours do vary but this seems to be the basic print which also includes scenes with a trellice like imprint across them especially in lighter backgrounds. The sound is unexceptional and Savage is a bit of a method mumbler even without the mild distortion that this track carries. Again though this seems to be a question of basic resources rather than mastering issues

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