Spaceballs (US BD) in June

MGM Home Entertainment have announced the US Blu-ray Disc release of Spaceballs on 16th June 2009. Written and directed by Mel Brooks who also stars in the film alongside John Candy, Rick Moranis, Bill Pullman, Daphne Zuniga and Joan Rivers, Spaceballs is a sci-fi fuelled satire that lampoons everything from Star Wars and Alien to Star Trek and Planet of the Apes. The film follows fearless – and clueless – space heroes Lone Starr (Pullman) and his man-dog hybrid, sidekick Barf (Candy) as they wage interstellar warfare to free Princess Vespa (Zuniga) from the evil clutches of Dark Helmet (Moranis).

A Blu-ray + DVD Combo release, features include:

  • 1080P 1.85:1 Widescreen
  • English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio
  • French 5.1 DTS and Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital
  • English, French and Spanish subtitles
  • Commentary by Mel Brooks
  • Additional Commentary Tracks:
    • Mawgese
    • Dinkese
  • Spaceballs: The Documentary featurette
  • In Conversation: Mel Brooks & Thomas Meehan featurette
  • John Candy: Comic Spirit featurette
  • Watch the Movie in Ludicrous Speed featurette
  • Still Galleries:
    • Spaceballs: The Behind-the-Movie Photos
    • Spaceballs: The Costume Gallery
    • Spaceballs: The Art Gallery
  • Trailers
    • Exhibitor Trailer with Mel Brooks Introduction
    • Theatrical Trailer
  • Film Flubs:
    • Edge of the Mirror
    • Grabs Himself Early
    • The Magic Reappearing Ring
    • More Than His Head
    • No End in Sight
    • Track Behind Dot
  • Storyboards-to-Film Comparison
  • Spaceballs DVD
    • Widescreen Feature Film (Side A)
    • Full screen Feature Film (Side B)

Also released on DVD only is Spaceballs: The Totally-Warped Adventures ($19.98 SRP) which is a collection of all-new satiric adventures directed by Brooks. Originally airing on G4, the series of shorts reunites the original characters in animated form while mocking even more popular films and television series, including The Lord of the Rings, Spider Man, The Pirates of the Caribbean, “American Idol,” and more. Returning to voice the series are Brooks, Zuniga and Rivers along with Dee Bradley Baker (“American Dad!”).

The exact disc content is:
  • “The Moron’s Guide” (2 minutes)
  • Episode I: “Outbreak” (22 minutes)
  • Intermission: “Satisfied Customers” (2 minutes)
  • Episode II: “Skroobinator” (22 minutes)
  • Intermission: “Thanks for Your Order” (2 minutes)
  • Episode III: “Deep Ship” (22 minutes)
  • Intermission: “Sing Along with Skroob” (2 minutes)
  • Episode IV: “Grand Theft Starship” (22 minutes)
  • “And That’s Not All!” (2 minutes)
  • “One More Goodie” (2 minutes)

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