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Hansel & Gretel (R2) in April

Terracotta Distribution have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Hansel & Gretel on 6th April 2009 priced at £14.99 RRP. The latest feature from South Korean writer-director Yim Phil-Sung (Antarctic Journal), takes its initial inspiration from the classic Brothers Grimm story and employs it as the basis to reinvent the fairy tale as a dark and chimerical adult mystery for the modern age.

Synopsis: Driving down a country road en route to visit his ailing mother, father-to-be Eun-soo (Chun Jeong-myoung) is talking to his expectant girlfriend on his mobile phone when he loses control of the car and crashes. He awakens to find himself lost in a thick forest, where he meets a pre-teen girl, Young-hee (Shim Eun-kyoung), who beckons him to follow her. Young-hee leads Eun-soo to a picturesque house situated deep in the forest, where she introduces him to her parents and her two siblings, winsome younger sister Jung-soon (Jin Ji-hee) and sullen adolescent brother Man-bok (Eun Won-jae). The house is a wonder of bright colours, kitsch décor, toys and confectionary but lacks a working telephone and a mobile network signal. After gratefully accepting the family's hospitality for the night, the next morning Eun-soo sets off to find his car but once again becomes lost in the forest, inevitably finding himself back at the house, where he is forced to spend a second night. Come daybreak, Eun-soo finds a note from the parents informing him they have left on urgent business and requesting that he look after the children for a couple of days. This is merely the beginning of a week-long nightmare during which Eun-soo gradually learns the truth about the strange children in his care, the fates of other adults who have stumbled across the house, and the existence of a hand drawn story book that seems to predict his own future.

DVD extras include: ‘Making of' featurette; interview with production designer, Ryu Seong-hee; teaser trailer.

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