DVD Times Top 10 Films of 2008

2008 proved to be a very strong year for UK cinema with releases of a large number of high-profile films of wide appeal. This is reflected in the voting by the DVD Times team of reviewers of their Top 10 films of the year, which not only shows a higher number of votes for common films than in any previous year, but results in a distinct and almost inseparable Top 5 films of exceptional quality.

Each receiving 5 votes from the nine DVD Times reviewers polled, the Top 5 below then are ranked based on the preferential order of the votes, where an preference was expressed.

1. No Country For Old Men (5 votes)

The Coen Brothers most successful film won multiple awards in 2008, but caused a lot of debate and division among the contributors and readers of DVD Times. Their dark and reflective look at a nation built on violence and greed however tops our end-of-year poll with more first preference votes than any other film.

2. There Will Be Blood (5 votes)

Coming in second in our end-of-year poll, Paul Thomas Anderson’s oil mining epic took a different approach to the theme of the founding values of the American nation and found a no less powerful conflict in the struggle to reconcile the twin gods of money and religion.

3. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (5 votes)

New York artist Julian Schnabel’s immersed the viewer into the world of fashion-designer Jean-Dominique Bauby – marvellously played by Mathieu Almaric – completely paralysed and locked into his own body after a major stroke, and made it a profoundly moving and life-affirming experience.

4. WALL-E (5 votes)

The world’s premier animation studio Pixar succeeded once again in delighting children and adults alike, using the unlikely pairing of a couple of silent mechanised robots to highlight essential human values that are in danger of being lost in a maybe not-so-distant future world.

5. The Dark Knight (5 votes)

With some of the most exciting action sequences seen on the screen this year, shot on IMAX cameras, and a mesmerising performance from the late Heath Ledger as the Joker, Christopher Nolan raised the Batman franchise to a new level and pummelled the DVD Times team into voting it fifth in their films of the year.

Individual Lists

Mike Sutton
1No Country For Old Men
2In The Valley Of Elah
4The Orphanage
5Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
7Hellboy II –The Golden Army
9The Cottage
10Before The Devil Knows You're Dead
John White
2No Country For Old Men
3A L'intérieur
4Mad Detective
5La fille coupée en deux
7Sukiyaki Western Django
8The Mist
10Machine Girl
Noel Megahey
14 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
3There Will Be Blood
4Summer Hours
5The Diving Bell And The Butterfly
6Tropic Thunder
7The Mist
8Quantum of Solace
9The Fall

Clydefro Jones
1Wendy and Lucy
4The Visitor
5The Dark Knight
6Mad Detective
7Man On Wire
8The Wrestler
9In Bruges
10Burn After Reading
Alan North
14 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
2There Will Be Blood
4No Country For Old Men
7In Bruges
8The Dark Knight
10Ghost Town
Roger Keen
1The Diving Bell And The Butterfly
2In Bruges
3Lust, Caution
4There Will Be Blood
5Female Agents
6The Duchess
7The Dark Knight
8Tropic Thunder
9In The Valley Of Elah

Matt Shingleton
1No Country For Old Men
2The Diving Bell And The Butterfly
3John Adams
4There Will Be Blood
5In Bruges
6The Dark Knight
8The Orphanage
9Be Kind Rewind
Dave Foster
--Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
--Sukiyaki Western Django
--The Orphanage
--Lars and the Real Girl
--The Diving Bell And The Butterfly
--A L'intérieur
--The Dark Knight
Gary Couzens
--The Baader Meinhof Complex
--The Diving Bell And The Butterfly
--No Country For Old Men
--The Savages
--There Will Be Blood
--Waltz with Bashir
--Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1931) reissue

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