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The Darkness Series in November

4Digital Asia have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of The Darkness Series on 10th November 2008 priced at £15.99 RRP. This three-disc set boasts gratuitous alien sex, bizarre tentacle sex and even a dash of your regular, everyday human sex, with three hentai titles brought together in one box.

Alien of Darkness (directed by Norio Takanami)
During a routine mission in deep space, the all female crew of the transport ship Muse pick up a distress signal and discover the source to be a derelict space cruiser on which all the women have died in mysterious circumstances. The only survivor is a young woman named Flair, who joins the crew of the Muse. With Flair on board, relationships between the women begin to take on new, romantic aspects. Meanwhile, one by one, crew members are being attacked by what is believed to be an alien presence desperate to reproduce with humans.

Idol of Darkness (directed by Kohtaro Ran)
Up and coming pop idol star Ikumi Murase has everything a girl could want – beauty, fame, fortune, and even a handsome boyfriend, Akira. But not everyone is pleased with Ikumi's success. Akira is beginning to resent the fact that she never has any time for him and Ikumi's latest co-star, Ms. Lieh, is deeply jealous of her success and is determined to bring her down, whatever the cost. When Lieh unearths a strange wooden idol in an abandoned temple, she discovers she can use it to summon an ancient sex demon, the perfect instrument for exacting her revenge on Ikumi.

Mission of Darkness (directed by Kohtaro Ran)
Coinciding with the landing of a meteorite from outer space, dead women are found all over Japan, the bodies full of holes and contaminated with what appears to be alien semen. Realising an extra-terrestrial monster is on the rampage, the government attempts to use passion hormones to lure the creature into a trap but the plan backfires. As total annihilation of the human race looms, a giant Venus arrives on earth…

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