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In the Night Garden's loveable trio arrive on DVD

Hello Tombliboos!, a brand new DVD introducing the excitable, tumbly, knockabout pepper-pot toys from number one pre-school brand and BAFTA award-winning, In the Night Garden, will be released by BBC Worldwide on September 8th 2008, priced at £12.99.

The three Tombliboos who live in the Night Garden are Unn, Ooo and Eee. Unn is red and green, Ooo is brown and pink, and Eee is pink and yellow. They live in an extraordinary bush in the garden, filled with endless levels, interconnected by staircases and slides. When inside their bush they can be found doing their favourite things - playing their piano, banging their drums and stacking and sorting their building blocks. They also enjoy brushing their teeth before bedtime, but given the size of their toothbrushes, it is never easy!

Hello Tombliboos! is available on DVD from September 8th 2008 and contains the following five must-have musical episodes:

Too Loud Tombliboos: The Tombliboos are inside their bush, happily practising their music so loudly that it can be heard all over the garden. Everybody tries calling to the Tombliboos, but nobody can make themselves heard above the noise. What can be done to stop the terrible racket? The teeny tiny Pontipine children know just what to do.

The Tombliboos' Busy Day: The Tombliboos have a very busy day. First they ride on the Pinky Ponk, then they explore the garden and finally, they return to their house to clean their teeth before bedtime.

Tombliboo Trousers: The Tombliboos are having fun in the garden but, whatever they do, their trousers keep on falling down. Tombliboo Ooo drinks everybody else's juice. Everyone is enjoying a ride on the Pinky Ponk, but Tombliboo Ooo is more interested in drinking all the juice. Inevitably his tummy is too full so Tombliboo Unn and Tombliboo Eee help him to bed and play music to make him feel better.

Tower of 5
The Pontipines are counting to five. Makka Pakka is building a pile of five stones. The Tombliboos are inside their bush, building with their very own bricks. Each Tombliboo is building a tower and when they begin to compare towers and share bricks, they succeed in building a very tall tower indeed...a tower of five. Everybody joins in the dance at the gazebo.

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