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Sarah Jane Series 1 Rockets On To DVD

Top children's sci-fi drama, The Sarah Jane Adventures, rockets on to DVD on November 10th 2008.

This complete first series boxset from BBC Worldwide captures the hugely successful CBBC series with the same talented writing team as Doctor Who, including multi-award winning creator, executive producer and writer Russell T Davies. The perfect gift for Doctor Who fans this Christmas, this out-of-this-world DVD is priced at £24.99.

Sarah Jane Smith is known to Doctor Who fans as the vivacious, daring, investigative journalist who since returning to Earth after travelling with the Doctor has dedicated her life to tracking alien activity right here on Earth. She inhabits a world of mystery, danger and wonder where aliens, supercomputers and monsters are commonplace! Farting aliens in human body suits and an equal balance of laughs and scares, the show and has proved an intergalactic hit for both kids and adults alike. Sarah Jane's intrepid adventures have consistently enjoyed fantastic ratings on BBC1 and now here is the chance to own them on DVD. This four disc DVD boxset features the following episodes from series 1:

The Invasion of the Bane: Maria Jackson and her father, Alan have moved into a new house opposite journalist Sarah Jane Smith. On their first night, Maria is awoken by a strange light coming from Sarah-Jane's house. To her shock and amazement, Sarah is interacting with a butterfly-like alien species. Is there more to Sarah-Jane than what seems?

The next day, Maria meets with Kelsey who befriends her and suggests that they go on the free "bubbleshock" bus for a tour around the factory and some free drinks. Sarah Jane overhears the girls plans and decides to go and do some investigating herself. What is the mystery surrounding Mrs Wormwood and what is the secret behind the unique ingredient to the drink, 'Bane'?

Revenge of the Slitheen: On their first day at their new school, Maria and Luke meet another Year 10 pupil Clyde. Together the three of them discover something weird going on at the school involving their headmaster and science teacher. Along with Sarah Jane, they discover that the school, like a number of other new buildings around the world has been infiltrated by members of the Family Slitheen, as part of their master plan to drain power from Earth in order to sell it on the black market.

Eye of the Gorgon: At an old people's care home, Luke is given a trinket by a sweet but apparently deluded old lady who seems to know about aliens. Meanwhile nuns, who run a nearby Abbey, are seeking the key to open a portal to the homeworld of the alien Gorgath, whose Medusa like powers have already turned a number of unfortunate victims to stone.

Warriors of Kudlak: A Carcaroth has arrived on Earth, seeking soldiers to help fight his war back home. Using a local laser-tag arena to sift out the best, most aggressive and instinctive fighters he then transports them to his spaceship - awaiting transfer to the war. Clyde and Luke find themselves amongst the "warriors" while Sarah Jane and Maria must infiltrate the alien’s headquarters and bring him down from inside.

Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?: Maria wakes up to discover that everyone apart from her has forgotten Sarah Jane Smith ever existed, even Luke. In reality, an alien being has found a moment in time where a teenage Sarah Jane lost a friend in an accident, but has swapped them around, imprisoning Sarah Jane in some kind of limbo. Now Angela survives and because Sarah Jane never existed, the world is on the brink of nuclear annihilation. After Maria herself is stolen from time and erased from everyone's memories, it's up to her dad, Alan, to rescue Sarah Jane and Maria so they can set time back on the right course...

The Lost Boy: The gang are shocked to see an appeal on TV by the distraught parents of a missing boy named Ashley - he is the exact visual and genetic double of Luke. Sarah Jane is forced to return Luke to the parents, but whilst she investigates the Pharos Institute which has been experimenting with alien technology, Luke discovers his new family are actually Slitheen and he is reunited with a child prodigy that he once knew...

This action-packed DVD includes a stack of extras including CBBC trailers, character, tools & alien profiles, Elisabeth Sladen interviews, timeline to chart Sarah Jane's journey from journalist to time traveller and beyond with approximately thirty minutes of video clips, photographs and facts, a quiz with outtakes as rewards, set visit broadcast on Blue Peter with the cast making a Slitheen mask, behind the scenes photo gallery and audio clips from Glittering Storm & The Thirteenth Stone from BBC Audiobooks.

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