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Warm up this winter with the seventh DVD release from LazyTown

BAFTA award-winning TV show LazyTown returns to DVD as BBC Worldwide releases the latest action-packed adventures of Sportacus and Stephanie in The Snow Monster and Other Stories on November 3rd 2008, priced £12.99.

The Snow Monster and Other Stories contains five fantastic episodes that see Robbie Rotten up to his usual tricks creating mischief and mayhem in LazyTown. From scary snow monsters to a toy stealing machine, find out if Sportacus can save the day and help Stephanie and friends to banish those baddies. Featuring the following five episodes, The Snow Monster and Other Stories is available from 3rd November:

The Snow Monster: Robbie poses as a scary snow monster to frighten the LazyTown kids from playing outside in the snow. But Robbie gets in trouble when he doesn’t read the signs near the frozen lake...and he must be rescued from the icy waters by Sportacus.

Friends Forever: Stephanie creates a cool Play Park for her friends, but they’re lured away by Robbie’s candies and a thrill ride, much to Stephanie’s disappointment. When the kids are stuck in Robbies thrill ride, Robbie decides to take the air out of the airship and get Sportacus in trouble. Stephanie hears her friends’ cries of help and she realises that even though they abandoned her, they’re still her friends. After helping them they all pitch in to save Sportacus and his airship.

LazyTown Circus: Stephanie, afraid of heights, pretends to have great circus skills so the LazyTown kids decide to put on their very own circus. Robbie arrives, disguised as a ringmaster, and uses the circus as a way to get rid of Sportacus. When Robbie tries to shoot Sportacus out of a cannon, Stephanie swallows her fear and saves the day.

Double Trouble: The Mayor goes away for the weekend and Robbie puts on a Mayor mask so he can start changing LazyTown’s rules...and also order Sportacus to leave LazyTown forever! Sportacus finds the real Mayor and they team up to save Lazytown from its Rotten fate.

Sportacus saves the Toys: It´s a lovely day in LazyTown, and all the kids are outside playing. Robbie invents a machine that pulls toys away from the kids. To make sure that Sportacus won´t help them, Robbie sends him on a wild chase around the world. Meanwhile, Robbie takes away all the toys. Sportacus heads back in a hurry...but arrives too late. It looks like there will be no more playing in Lazytown and Robbie is ecstatic! But Ziggy points out what Sportacus had taught him don´t need toys to play. Robbie´s plans are foiled again.even put on their very own puppet show.

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