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The King of Kong (R2) in June

Revolver Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters on 16th June 2008 priced at £19.99. The real life journey of two men competing for the world record in the classic arcade game Donkey Kong is captured on film in this documentary.

In 1982, Billy Mitchell, the “Gamer of the Century,” set a score of 874,300 points on Donkey Kong, a record which many in the gaming world thought would never be broken – until Steve Wiebe not only surpassed the record but ended up with a thought-to-be-impossible 1,000,000 points. In the months that followed his feat, Steve and Billy engage in a cross-country duel, filled with publicity, scandal and frustration, to see who could set the highest score and ultimately become the King of Kong!

Extras include:

  • Feature commentary from director Seth Gordon, producer Ed Cunningham, associate producer Clay Tweel and associate producer Luis Lopez
  • Feature commentary from editor and I am 8-bit founder
  • Bonus Footage:
    • Festival Q & As
    • Steve Sanders Reacts
    • The Stylings of Billy Mitchell
    • Roy Awesome Disinformation Clip
    • The Music of Steven J. Weibe
    • Walter Day Profile
    • Video Game Wizard
    • Twin Galaxies News
    • Steve DK Strategies
    • Side by Side Gameplay
  • Extended Interviews with Billy Mitchell, Steve Sanders, Robert Mruczek, Brian Kuh, Greg Bond, Joel Hedge, Dwayne Richard, Mark Alpiger, Todd Rogers, Doris Self and Abdner Ashman
  • Arcade Glossary
  • “A Really, Really Brief History of Donkey Kong" animated short
  • The Saga Continues

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