X-Men Evolution Animated Series continues in March

Warner Home Video

has announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of X-Men: Evolution - Xplosive Days, Series 1 Volume 2 for 22nd March 2004 with a retail price of £12.99. The second volume in a collection of four X-Men releases scheduled for 2004, contains 3 episodes from the animated TV series...

EPISODE 1 - MUTANT CRUSH: Raven spots Blob (Fred Dukes) at a truck rally and decides to enlist him on her evil team. When Blob enrols at Bayville High, all the kids make fun of him except for Jean, so he decides that she will be his by any means necessary.

EPISODE 2 - SPEED AND SPYKE: Robberies have been happening at a school in New York. Even Spyke, is determined to find out who the robber is. He stakes out one night to catch the culprit but only sees a blur, Quicksilver.

EPISODE 3 - MIDDLEVERSE: When Kurt is feeling ignored by his teammates, he teleports into an old, locked science lab where he is vaporised into another dimension. In the ultra-warped Bayville High, he meets Forge, another mutant, who was vaporized back in the 70's.

Presented in Full Frame with English Dolby Pro-Logic Surround audio you will also find the following bonus features present:

  • Introduction to each episode
  • Featurette: The Art of X-Men
The next instalment from X-Men Evolutions entitled X Marks The Spot is scheduled for release on 12 April 2004 with a full announcement closer to the time.

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