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Sam Fuller Classics in September

Optimum Home Entertainment have announced the UK DVD release of three titles by American director Samuel Fuller on 3rd September 2007. Samuel Fuller was born in 1912 in the USA, and became the youngest ever reporter in charge of the events section of the New York Journal at the age of just 17. During the Second World War, Fuller served as an infantryman in North Africa and Europe, and it was his experiences of battle and warfare that informed and coloured many of his later movies. Long given cult director status thanks to such classics as The Big Red One and Shock Corridor, his work has inspired that of Jonathan Demme and Betrand Tavernier amongst others.

Optimum brings you three of his films – all making their UK DVD debuts – this September. Barebones and priced at £12.99 each are…

House of Bamboo (1955)
A tough gang of ex American GIs are responsible for robbing ammunition shipments in Tokyo, ruthlessly killing their own rather than leave them behind injured. When one gang member dies in such a manner, the authorities make the link with the killing of a US guard and send ex army officer Eddie Kenner (Robert Stack) in undercover to meet gang leader Sandy Dawson (Robert Ryan). Kenner uses a falsified criminal record to fool Dawson thus infiltrating the gang in order to bring about their downfall.

Fixed Bayonets (1951)
Loosely based on the novel by John Brophy, Fixed Bayonets! Tells the story of a rag-tag regiment of supposed veterans left behind to fight a rearguard action for a retreating platoon during the Korean War. Amongst the motley crew of men, is Corporal Denno (Richard Baseheart, La Strada): wetter behind the ears than most and unable to bring himself to shoot an enemy soldier. However as one by one his colleagues fall, he must step up and take responsibility for those who are left.

Hell & High Water (1954)
Ex-Navy officer (Richard Widmark) is hired to transport a nuclear scientist to Alaska, where it is believed the Russians are plotting to drop an atomic bomb on Korea from an American plane, this starting World War 3. Despite his doubts as to the political motivation of his employers, he is convinced of their sincere belief in their cause, and as such is willing to risk his life to help them.

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