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Going to Pieces in June

Metrodome have announced the UK DVD release of Going to Pieces on 25th June 2007 priced at £19.99. In this candid, sensational and gore-soaked feature-length documentary, the titans of terror take you on a comprehensively terrifying trip to the very beginnings of the slasher phenomenon.

With its importance, prominence, and newfound legitimacy peaking in the in the 1980s, that most controversial of horror film sub-genres, the slasher film, has continued to delight fans with its iconic psychopaths, blood-bath of special effects, horny teenagers and outrageous plotlines for over 30 years. Through their unconventional methods of production, distribution, exhibition and marketing, these deliriously endearing films forever changed both the face and box office fortunes of the horror cinema

This film features a gruesome array of rare, flesh-cleaving clips from a host of genre classics including: “Halloween,” “Friday The 13th,” “A Nightmare On Elm Street,” “Scream,” “Psycho,” “Prom Night,” “When A Stranger Calls,” “From Dusk Til Dawn,” “Sleepaway Camp,” “Last House On The Left” and “Black Christmas.”

Join legendary actors, directors, and producers Wes Craven, Rob Zombie, John Carpenter, Sean S Cunningham, Tom Savini and many more founders and masters of the genre film as they guide you on this journey to the darkest recesses of blood-curdling cinematic shock.

Extras include:

  • Trailer
  • Commentary by director Jeff McQueen
  • Deleted Scenes and Extended Interviews
  • Message from author Adam Rockoff

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