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Will Ferrell and Jon Heder don't do anything new in Blades Of Glory but they perform their familiar acts well enough to make it worth the effort. Once again, Ferrell is sending up a dumb, macho lunk, one who could easily be related to Ron Burgundy and Ricky Bobby, while Heder's character might as well be Napoleon Dynamite's blond, effeminate twin.

They're playing Olympic figure skaters. Heder is Jimmy MacElroy, a rich, sheltered child prodigy whose entire life has been dedicated to what he does on the ice. Ferrell is Chazz Michael Michaels, the self-styled bad boy of figure skating. They're bitter rivals and this rivalry ends up costing them their careers when they tie for a gold medal and then come to blows on the podium. Both are banned for life from men's figure skating.

However, as they are to discover, that doesn't mean they're completely banned from figure skating. They can still skate in the pairs' competition. After fruitless searches for female partners, they realise uncomfortably that their best shot is to team up and become the first ever all-male pairs figure skating team.

That's a pretty good premise for a comedy and Blades Of Glory is a pretty good comedy. Will Ferrell and Jon Heder work well together, Ferrell's trademark swaggering idiot contrasting nicely with Heder's trademark nerd. There's also good support from Will Arnett (TV's Arrested Development) and Ferrell's old Saturday Night Live co-star Amy Poehler. They play Jimmy and Chazz's main rivals, a brother and sister pair of preening cheats. There are also the cameos you expect from a Ferrell comedy, including real ice skaters as well as comedians.

If Blades Of Glory wins a silver as opposed to the golds earned by Anchorman and Napoleon Dynamite, it's because it never does anything unexpected. Directors Josh Gordon and Will Speck deliver exactly what the marketing campaign leads you to expect - a formula sports comedy with a slightly more than ample supply of laughs. Short of giving away the jokes, that's about all I can find to say about it. Still, if you think I'm damning Blades with faint praise, let me assure you that if you're planning a trip to your local multiplex in the near future, you could do much, much worse.



out of 10

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