Women's Erotic Wrestling: As Good As She Gets Review

If anything it's worse than the other one! Which, being honest, I didn't think possible when watching Extreme Chickfights: Kickin' Ass and Taking Names Reloaded. Now, as far as I can remember, what with my memories of the classic Saturday afternoon British variant and what little I've seen of the jumped-up American newcomer, there is nothing erotic about wrestling. At least not when it sports the likes of Brian Glover (Leon 'arris - The Man From Paris), Mick "Not the ears!" McManus and Giant Haystacks, or, as he was sometimes quite accurately known, The Loch Ness Monster. As for the Americans, many of them sported man-boobs, had an obvious addiction to both steroids and sunbeds and wore such skimpy shorts as to suggest that whilst they might have been packing a good deal on their upper arms, they certainly weren't inside their shorts. Not much for the ladies there, then!

So coming to Women's Erotic Wrestling: As Good As It Gets is a depressing experience. Or at least it is until after the first few minutes, during which Vinnie welcomes Annie Social and Bailey to his strip/wrestling club and, after telling them to make themselves at home, disappears into some backroom. What follows suggests that Annie Social and Bailey spend a good deal of time sucking each other's nipples and licking at one another's groins when they're back at home as that's what they quickly decide to do. Wrestling fans might protest but we're straight into a porn movie! Or at least we are for a bit but Vinnie comes back and the action cuts to a wrestling ring and a grapple between Barroom Barbie and the tag team of Big Poppa Mae (an obscenely obese man) and Lil Davey Mae (his slightly backwards son who's threatened with cleaning out the horse shit back on the farm if he doesn't buck up). But what you will pick up on is the lack of any stripping in the ring, which though not a bad thing when considering Big Poppa Mae or Psycho Bytch (Big Poppa Mae in drag and KISS make-up, effectively), it's probably somewhat disappointing with Mercedez.

The longer As Good As She Gets goes on, the more clear it becomes. It is only in between the actual wrestling bouts that the girls take their clothes off and, wanting something to do I suppose, get down to some quite mild lesbian action. The first two in the set - Annie Social and Bailey - stick around for three such scenes before Pussy World Order take over. Unfortunately, PWO are two very unattractive women who believe, perhaps correctly, that no one will be at all bothered about their terrifyingly ugly faces given the size of their breasts. The wrestling, when it happens, is terrible. I know...I know...wrestling is fake but it could look a bit more convincing than this, which has Annie Social being stomped on by Lil Davey Mae but, whether she's thinking more about Bailey's nipples or that he's incompetent, their moves are as well choreographed as horses doing ballet. The whole thing ends with Royal Rumble, which is basically everyone who'd been in the ring earlier in the night coming back for a big showdown before the lights fade but UFC this is not and if anyone required so much as a bandage, I would have been very surprised. The various female wrestlers look more hurt when it is suggested that their tits are fake than over anything that goes on in the ring.

It's hard to believe but given the number of DVD covers shown in the inside of the box for this release, As Good As She Gets is the sixteenth Women's Erotic Wrestling DVD. Earlier ones include Cleavage & Carnage, Hardcore Booty Battle, No Rear Entry, WEW No Ho's Barred, Queen Ho Of The Ring, Deep Impact and Kickin' Ass Ghetto Booty Style, which does suggest there's some money in this but God alone knows why. There's nowhere near enough skin in this for anyone looking for porno and the wrestling is of such a low quality that you'll pray for the return of Dickie Davies, World Of Sport and the much-missed Shirley Crabtree. He might not have been a man you'd have wanted in bed but neither is Psycho Bytch, who's as erotic as a breeze block and not half as able to cause pain. And, honestly, I'd rather watch the brick.


Back in the heady days of the early eighties, you wouldn't even have used this to demonstrate the quality of then-very-new VHS equipment just in case your audience announced the watching of shows off a bit of magnetised plastic as being awful. On DVD, it's like losing your vision and rather than watching the screen, you look off to focus on objects at either side of it just to be sure that you can still see properly. Or at least I did during the wrestling scenes, less so when Bailey was making like a lollipop for Annie Social. The sound is even worse with the commentator being the kind of man you'd happily save a bullet for. Not funny, not clever and, badly for a commentator, losing the ability to say anything at its most exciting moments, I have no idea who he is but am happy to mark this down to a zero because of him. And that it appeared to have been recorded via the in-built microphone on the camcorder.


There are no extras on this DVD.

1 out of 10
1 out of 10
1 out of 10
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