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Simpson’s Classics from Fox

With season three now delayed to an October release here in the UK Fox Home Entertainment have spotted another opportunity to milk the series with 5 themed DVD releases due on Region 2 DVD from 8th September 2003 with a retail price of £11.99 each. The Simpson's Classics themed releases will each contain four of the most popular episodes presented in 4:3 Full Screen with English DD2.0 Stereo sound. The releases are...

Simpson's Go To Hollywood!

  • When You Dish Upon A Star
  • Fear Of Flying
  • Krusty Gets Kancelled
  • Flaming Moes
Simpson's Greatest Hits
  • Roasting On An Open Fire
  • Sweet Seymour Skinners Baddass Song
  • Bart Gets An F
  • Lisa’s First Word
Bart Wars
  • Mayored To The Mob
  • Dog Of Death
  • The Secret War Of Lisa Simpson
  • Marge Not Be Proud
Too Hot For TV
  • Treehouse Of Horror IX
  • The Cartridge Family
  • Natural Born Kissers
  • Grampa V’s Sexual Inadequacy
Dark Secrets of The Simpson's
  • Homer To The Max
  • The Springfield Files
  • Lisa The Iconoclast
  • Homer Badman

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