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"Big Breadwinner Hog" and "Spindoe" in March

Network have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release "Big Breadwinner Hog" and "Spindoe": The Complete Series for 19th March 2007 priced at £29.99. In one set Network brings you two ITV gangster dramas from the sixties, available on DVD for the first time. Big Breadwinner Hog, directed by Mike Newell, and Michael Apted and Spindoe, directed by Mike Newell and Cyril Coke will be available in a five-disc set offering a total of fourteen episodes plus extras.

Peter Egan (Ever Decreasing Circles, Home Again) is Hogarth (a.k.a. Hog) - ruthlessly ambitious, flash and violent - who has his eye set on being king of London's criminal underworld. As a new player on the scene Lennox, (Timothy West - Bleak House, Edward the Seventh) the old-school gang boss of the criminal fraternity, watches Hog's ascent through its ranks with a jaundiced eye. Hog’s long hair, mod attitude and uncanny ability to upset the status quo have all sorts of repercussions.

On its original transmission, BIG BREADWINNER HOG scandalised some of the ITV companies so much that it was either moved to a late night slot or pulled from the schedules completely due to graphically violent scenes within the show. Written and produced by award-winning writer Robin Chapman (Tales of the Unexpected, Spindoe) and directed by BAFTA-winners Mike Newell (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) and Michael Apted (Rome, The World Is Not Enough) BIG BREADWINNER HOG is one of the all time great British gangster dramas.

Ray McAnally (My Left Foot, A Very British Coup) gives a towering performance as Alex Spindoe, the paroled gangster who is determined to regain his kingdom in SPINDOE THE COMPLETE SERIES. Spindoe - ex-crime czar of the South London criminal gangs - has fallen from grace. Released from prison he has found that his empire and his wife have been taken from him by his Number Two. Hunted from all sides Spindoe not only has to evade the police and his old gang members but also those of the rival North London gangs who would stop at nothing to kill him while he's on the run...With its stylised look at the London gangster scene, SPINDOE thrilled audiences throughout the UK when first broadcast on ITV in 1968.

Extras include two bonus episodes…

Villains: Knocker
Knocker, the villain who was expert at breaking down the defences of both safes and women, is on the loose again, and trying to track down one of his fancy-free females. And while Knocker is looking for love, other villains are after him.
Starring Bob Hoskins and Pam Scotcher

Written by Robin Chapman, Directed by Tony Wharmby, Original ITV Transmission 15 September 1972,

The Fellows: Episode Nine
In Dimmock's mail is a threatening letter demanding £2,000. What is more, Oldenshaw wrote it. And it is not the only letter. Oldenshaw, for some strange reason, starts to write threatening letters. He sends one to a man called Spindoe, an underworld leader. But this time Oldenshaw demands £20,000 - and threatens Spindoe's wife if he isn't paid. Spindoe decides that the wisest move is to pay up; but he doesn't have the money. Dimmock is appalled when Oldenshaw explains he is trying to force Spindoe into committing a crime. Meanwhile, Spindoe is planning a big job to help raise the cash...

Starring Richard Vernon, Michael Aldridge and Ray McAnally, Directed by Peter Plummer, Original ITV Transmission 14 July 1967

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