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Crossroads Vol. 3 in February

Network have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Crossroads Volume 3 for 26th February 2007 priced at £24.99. It already achieved cult status during its original seventeen-year run (between 1966 and 1983), now, after the success of the first two volumes on DVD, Network will return to everyone’s favourite motel with the release of Crossroads Volume Three in a two-disc set. A bonus third disc is included with the first three thousand copies of this title.

Including a number of episodes never before seen on DVD, Crossroads Volume Three offers the following special features:

  • Bonus third disc featuring four missing episodes from 1976 including the storyline involving Benny’s mysterious father and David Hunter’s shady past
  • An interview with Noele Gordon from 1978
  • Original 1960s promotional trailers
  • Viewpoint: Reg Watson at Crossroads Rehearsals, Noele Gordon interview from 1972
  • Crossroads cast interview at the 3000th edition party
  • Three ATV news features on Meg leaving Crossroads in 1981

Episode Listing:

Disc One

Episode 498 from November 1966
Bill is dissuaded from marrying Marilyn, which is what she wants. Sandy worries about his best man speech. A race to save Angela's sight is on.

Episode 1192 from November 1969
Archie comes to an arrangement with Diane. Meg is confined to bed after being taken ill at Tessa's wedding. Is her illness all it seems to be?

Episode 1304 from May 1970
Amy, Diane and Mr Lovejoy consider the prospect of winning the pools.
George Baxter returns unexpectedly with consequences for Claire Thomas.

Episode 1758 from August 1972
Meg still grieves over Sandy's accident and the ward sister asks David for help. Vince tries to reconcile with his father. Tish accepts Ted's proposal.

Episode 3051 from November 1978
Meg confronts the financial implications of Hugh's death. Benny has ambitions to become a car mechanic.

Episode 3069 from December 1978
Helen decides to leave the motel and her husband. David reads the lesson at the Christmas service. Jill, David, Tish, Ted and Adam join Meg for Christmas lunch.

Disc Two

Episode 3140 from April 1979
Diane fends off Chris Hunter's advances as their marriage-of-convenience reaches its conclusion. Linda Welch causes trouble at the garage. Benny explains himself to Doris.

Episode 3254 from January 1980
Jill needs money and looks for work. Lloyd Munro attempts to reunite Charles and Rosemary. David proposes to Barbara.

Episode 3295 from April 1980
The morning after David and Barbara's wedding sees Adam call off his own to Miranda Pollard which in turn jeopardises his business plans. Benny dispenses advice on fruit and veg.

Episode 3359 from September 1980
Archie comes in conflict with Shughie when he becomes Night Porter.
Barbara agrees to talk to Alison about marrying Benny. Arthur Brownlow frets about Glenda's first date with Kevin Banks. Shughie vandalises the kitchen.

Episode 3531 from November 1981
The morning after the motel fire and the search for Meg continues.
Barbara changes her mind about leaving David.

Episode 3533 from November 1981
The police suspect Adam of involvement with the motel fire. An unexpected phone call sets Jill off on a trip to Southampton.

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