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Fox Cinema Classics in March

Fox Home Entertainment have announced the Region 1 DVD release of 3 “Contemporary Classics” on 6th March 2007. Priced at $19.98 SRP each and part of the Cinema Classics Collection are…

Cinderella Liberty - His ship docked in Seattle, Navy man John Baggs Jr. (James Caan) has a “Cinderella Liberty” pass, meaning he can be out until midnight – so he intends to make the most of his evening. And things are clearly going his way when he "wins" call girl Maggie Paul (Marsha Mason) in a pool game. But once Baggs finds out that Maggie has an 11 year-old son and another baby on the way, he backs off – anxious to rid himself of complications he just can’t contend with. That is – until he falls in love.

Apart from a director’s commentary features are TBC.

John and Mary - Based on the novel by Mervyn Jones, John and Mary stars Dustin Hoffman as a furniture designer and Mia Farrow as an art gallery assistant who meet in an upscale New York singles bar and go home together. The next day, they individually wander around the city, wondering what their night together might have meant – if anything. Even though both carry over-the-limit baggage from unsuccessful earlier affairs, and both are stocked with enough hang-ups to fill volumes of psychological textbooks, there’s still a chance that they’ll wind up together at least one more time – and if nothing else, learn each other's names for the first time!

Features are TBC.

Other Side of Midnight - Although American WWII pilot Larry Douglas (John Beck) promises to marry French femme fatale Noelle Page (Marie-France Pisier), he instead returns Stateside and marries well-to-do Catherine Alexander (Susan Sarandon). And once Noelle takes a Greek multi-millionaire (Raf Vallone) as a lover, she plots to shame Larry by arranging for him to be the tycoon’s private pilot. But in one of many delicious twists of fate in this gripping tale of love, war and betrayal, Noelle and Larry again become passionate, and when Catherine refuses to divorce Larry, the cheating couple seek a murderous revenge.

Features are TBC.

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