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The New Statesman & Rik Mayall Presents in October

Network have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of a double-helping of Rik Mayall on 2nd October 2006 with The New Statesman: The Complete Series and for the first time on DVD Rik Mayall Presents: The Complete Series.

The New Statesman: The Complete Series - £39.99 - Alan Beresford B'Stard (Mayall) is a cunning and conniving low life MP with aspirations to reach the very top echelons of society who makes Margaret Thatcher look like Mother Teresa of Calcutta. A devious philanderer who would think nothing of dumping nuclear waste in a children's playground or selling his own mother, B'Stard possesses extreme political views and has no fear in following them through in his lust for power and money. With the aid of his equally devious wife, Sarah (Marsha Fitzalan - Henry VIII, Rosemary & Thyme), and his pitiful fellow-MP and whipping boy, Piers Fletcher-Dervish (Michael Troughton - Cold Feet, Holby), he schemes his slimy way through the corridors of power with an astounding lack of moral scruples.

Using different video masters to the old Cinema Club release special features on this Network DVD release are:

  • 60 minute special ‘Who Shot Alan B’Stard?’’
  • Audio commentaries with series creators Lawrence Marks and Maurice Gran on Three Line Whipping (Series 1 episode 6), The Haltemprice Bunker (Series 2 episode 4) and Labour of Love (series 3 episode 1)

This box set contains all twenty-six episodes made for ITV between 1987 and 1994 by Yorkshire Television.

Rik Mayall Presents: The Complete Series - £19.99 – This ITV comedy show led the alternative comedian to win Best Comedy Performer at the British Comedy Awards in 1993.

Showcasing the talent and versatility of its star Rik Mayall (The Young Ones, The Comic Strip), this collection comprises six episodes of dark humour spread over two series, where he plays such diverse roles as a paranoid TV show host, an uncontrollable liar who pretends to be a gangster and a man on a date who is trapped in a cycle of escalating comic violence! Heightening the manically marvellous mix of mirth and mayhem is a star-studded cast including Amanda Donohoe, Helena Bonham Carter, Nick Hancock and Lee Evans to name a few. Accompanied by quality writing and superb direction, this is British comedy at its very best.

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