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The A Team, Knight Rider and Columbo Season 4 in September

Universal Playback have announced the Season 4 DVD releases of The A Team, Knight Rider and Columbo on 18th September 2006.

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"Knight Rider! A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist: Michael Knight — a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law."

This opening narration combined with the appeal of leading light Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff), the full throttle excitement of Michael and his automotive buddy K.I.T.T. captured the hearts and minds of the nation in what was one of the most popular action shows of the 80s.

For one last time you can catch Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff) and K.I.T.T (Knight Industries Two Thousand), the futuristic, computerised car, on DVD as they return for their fourth and final season.

The action packed, heart-pounding episodes feature more thrills and a host of high speed car chases, kidnappings and hair raising stunts in the last of their supercharged adventures together, with electrifying guest performances by Janine Turner, Lance Burton and Shelly Berman.

Season Four begins with the introduction of a new, vamped up K.I.T.T car after a ‘run in’ with an armoured truck in the first episode. Michael and his companion go undercover to prevent a deadly toxin from leaving the country in episode six, and thrill the viewer in an ultimate showdown against a wall of hot molten lava in the later part of the season. Never lacking in exhilarating assignments, even Michael's birthday break is interrupted when he is appointed to find a stolen hi-tech hovercraft prototype before a black market arms dealer can ship it out of the country.
The affection between man and car is ever more poignant as the Knight Rider legend concludes with this bittersweet season. The enduring popularity of the show has been the cornerstone of David Hasselhoff’s success, and will always be an old favourite to die hard fans, as well as a captivating experience for any new viewer.

DVD features include a special '80s TV flashback featurette and K.I.T.T. Blueprints. With exhilarating performances, the traffic-stopping episodes will leave you hanging off the edge of your seats and hooting your horns for more. Gear up for the final adventures - you won't want to miss a minute of the action!

Release date: 18th September 2006
RRP: £34.99
Certificate: 12
Discs: 6
Episodes: 22
Running time: 17 hours
Available Subtitles: English
Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono)

1. Knight of the Juggernaut
2. Kittnap
3. Sky Knight
4. Burial Ground
5. The Wrong Crowd
6. Knight Sting
7. Manny Happy Returns
8. Knight Racer
9. Knight Behind Bars
10. Knight Song
11. The Scent of Roses
12. Killer K.I.T.T.
13. Out of the Woods
14. Deadly Knightshade
15. Redemption of a Champion
16. Knight of a Thousand Devils
17. Hills of Fire
18. Knight Flight to Freedom
19. Fright Knight
20. Knight of the Rising Sun
21. Voo Doo Knight

The A-Team is back for a fourth dynamic season - the team’s most gripping exploits so far! Join B.A., Hannibal, Murdock and Face for more stunts as they confront the ‘bad guys’ including kidnappers, corrupt millionaires and drug dealers.

The four Vietnam veterans continue to fight evil wherever they encounter it. However they are still deemed criminals by the U.S. military after being framed for a crime they did not commit. Can the quartet achieve justice for themselves amidst their work saving the innocent?

Season Four features guest appearances from some of television’s greatest stars, including Hulk Hogan, Ray Wise, and Boy George. Also included in this season is the famous ‘Cowboy George’ episode, where a case of mistaken identity sees Boy George hired to do a gig in front of a tough, no-nonsense redneck bar!

Catchphrases abound and the regular jokes and themes of the programme are consistently apparent. The cast are by now firmly settled into their characters and, with a slightly tongue-in-cheek approach to the show, deliver great performances every episode.

The continuing popularity of the A-Team is testament to the perfect recipe of action, adventure, comedy and romance. The A-Team Season Four includes a bonus preview episode from Season Five: The A-Team "Point of No Return", and a special featurette: The Great '80s TV Flashback that takes a fun look back at television’s most memorable decade. 22 episodes, 6 discs, over 17 hours running time - for unforgettable excitement and fun hire The A-Team!

Release date: 18th September 2006
RRP: £34.99
Certificate: 12
Discs: 6
Episodes: 22
Running time: 17 hours
Available Subtitles: English
Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono)

1. Judgement Day (1)
2. Judgement Day (2)
3. Where is the Monster when you need him?
4. A Lease With The Option to Die
5. The Road To Hope
6. The Heart of Rock n’Roll
7. Body Slam
8. Blood, Sweat and Cheers
9. Mind Games
10.There Goes The Neighborhood
11. The Doctor Is Out
12. Uncle Buckle-Up
13. Judgement Wheels of Fortune
14. The A Team is Coming, The A Team is Coming
15. Members Only
16. Cowboy George
17. Waiting for Insane Wayne
18. The Duke of Whispering Pines
19. Beneath the Surface
20. Mission of Peace
21. The Trouble With Harry
22. The Little Town With An Accent
23. The Sound of Thunder


Universal Playback is pleased to announce the classic and action-packed Columbo: The Complete Fourth Season, available to own on DVD from 18th September 2006.

In one of the most beloved and appealing detective series of all time, acclaimed actor Peter Falk returns in his four-time Emmy-winning role - including an Emmy for Best Actor in Season Four, as the slovenly police lieutenant from the Los Angeles Police homicide department.

Co-starring Dick Van Dyke, Dean Stockwell, Robert Vaughn, George Hamilton and Oskar Werner among others, Season 4 of Columbo builds on the success of the first three seasons and remains a strong, well-acted drama lead by the talented character acting of Peter Falk.

Our much-loved hero returns as the mac-wearing, cigar-smoking eccentric detective that many criminals mistakenly underestimate. However appearances can be deceiving and Columbo lures even the shrewdest of murderer into a false sense of security when our favourite detective once again using his calling-card goodbye: “Oh, there’s just one more thing…”

In addition to great directing, outstanding performances by the guest stars, and ingenious plots,
Columbo: The Complete Fourth Season contains a bonus episode of the spinoff series Mrs. Columbo, "A Riddle for Puppets".

Oh, there’s just one more thing…Columbo Season 4 is a must see DVD! Combining universal appeal with a unique charm, the series’ still have audiences flocking to the Lieutenant’s side and will have you glued to your screen.

Release date: 18th September 2006
RRP: £29.99
Certificate: 12
Discs: 3
Episodes: 6
Running time: 11 hours
Available Subtitles: English
Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono)

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