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When Carl Peterson (Matt Dillon) marries his sweetheart Molly (Kate Hudson), it feels like the end of an era to his best friend Randy Dupree (Owen Wilson). Their days of carefree partying are over. One of their other pals, Neil (Seth Rogen) is already under his wife's thumb and allowed one night out with the boys a week - as long as he's home by his curfew! Is Carl destined for a similar hen-pecked fate?

Molly is not that kind of wife at all. She loves her husband and she likes his friends... up to a point. That point is swiftly passed when the slobbish Dupree loses his job and his apartment and Carl invites him to stay on their couch. Big mistake! Although Dupree means well, the etiquette of being a guest in someone else's house is alien to him. He starts by sleeping naked on the furniture and he's soon destroyed both toilets and burned down half the living room.

This much you know from the trailers, which make You, Me And Dupree look like another houseguest-from-hell comedy in the same vein as What About Bob? and Down And Out In Beverly Hills. It isn't as predictable as that. The first half of the movie does follow the formula but then it goes off in a pleasingly different direction, focusing on Carl's difficulties adapting to his new life as husband and suburbanite wage slave. And son-in-law. Molly's dad, played by Michael Douglas, is also Carl's boss and he's none too impressed with his daughter's choice of husband.

Considering the poor reviews it's had, You, Me And Dupree is a surprisingly decent comedy. Granted, it's very slight and certainly not on the level of Wedding Crashers or The 40-Year-Old Virgin but it's by no means the failure it's been branded. Directed by brothers Anthony and Joe Russo (Welcome To Collinwood), it's a sweet little film with some good observations about modern relationships and a lot of laughs. I was just as impressed with another badly received recent comedy, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, so maybe it's purely down to personal taste in humour.

Whether you enjoy it as much as I did will depend heavily on what you think of Owen Wilson's screen persona. He does the same slightly stoned surfer-dude act in this film that he's done in Wedding Crashers, Starsky And Hutch and the Shanghai movies. This is not necessarily a bad thing. I find Wilson just about the most likeable actor in movies today and one of the funniest - he's one of the few comedians who can make me laugh with just a tone of voice or a facial expression. Of course, if you're one of those moviegoers to whom he's like fingernails on a blackboard (and I know there are many of you!), you don't need me to warn you to steer clear of this.

You, Me And Dupree isn't entirely The Owen Wilson Show. Kate Hudson is as funny and charming as she's been since Almost Famous. Matt Dillon plays a largely straight role very well - he could easily have become unsympathetic (which would have wrecked the film) and he doesn't. It's nice to see Michael Douglas, so good in War Of The Roses, in a rare comic role. He plays Molly's dad like a (slightly) mellowed Gordon Gekko and he has a lot of fun terrorising his hapless son-in-law.



out of 10

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