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The Da Vinci Code (R2) in October

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of The Da Vinci Code for 16th October 2006 priced at £24.99. One of the biggest selling books of all time and a box office smash at cinemas this summer Ron Howard’s adaptation boasts a cast that includes Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou, Sir Ian McKellen, Jean Reno, Paul Bettany and Alfred Molina.

Released as a two-disc special edition features are detailed below…

  • The Codes of The Da Vinci Code Feature - discover the hidden codes within the film

    Plus featurettes:

  • First Day on the Set with Ron Howard Featurette - Director Ron Howard introduces the film and the excitement of beginning production at the Louvre in Paris

  • A Discussion with Dan Brown - Featurette on “The Da Vinci Code” author Dan Brown

  • A Portrait of Langdon Featurette - Who is Robert Langdon? How was Tom Hanks chosen to play this iconic character? How did Tom Hanks become the character? What do Tom Hanks and Langdon have in common?

  • Who is Sophie Neveu? Featurette - The long and challenging journey to the casting of Audrey Tautou as Sophie Neveu, including the actress’ screen test with Tom Hanks

  • Unusual Suspects Featurette - The international cast…Colourful, memorable and frightening characters

  • Magical Places Featurette - A fascinating and surprising discussion about the cities and places that were chosen for the film locations

  • Close- up on Mona Lisa Featurette - Ron Howard, his cast and colleagues share their experience working next to one of the most famous paintings in the world

  • The Filmmaking Experience 2-Part Featurette - Ron Howard discusses his collaboration with his Director of Photography, the challenges faced by production and the excitement of bringing the book to the screen. Includes a DVD exclusive look at filming the last and revealing scene

  • The Codes of “The Da Vinci Code” Featurette - Discusses the hidden codes and symbols in the film. Isolates images from the film, giving the viewer clues over time as to what they mean, eventually giving a detailed description of what the imagery was intended to mean

  • The Music of “The Da Vinci Code” Featurette - Overview of creating the music for the film

  • And a preview of the Angels and Demons movie

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