Dragon Lee's Ways of Kung Fu Review

On the print you'll see the title "Bruce Lee's Ways of Kung Fu", so coupled with the presence of Bruce Lei in the lead role you have one of the many obvious cash ins on Bruce Lee's legacy right here. A simple revenge story, Lei portrays one of two fighters who independently travel to the island fortress of a devilish kung fu master in an effort to rid the world of the evil he represents. Standing in their way are eighteen fighting fit female beauties who at one stage in the film are referred to as his daughters, and then later one of them is seen to provide him with pleasures of the flesh, and we learn that too many girls in one bed doesn't make for sound sleeping. So there are the hooks, you've got Bruce's name, the promise of Kung Fu fighting and many beautiful ladies to partake in the action. Unfortunately this is one of the worst martial arts films from Asia that I've had the misfortune to sit through, with only Lei's occasionally amusing impersonation of Lee's most famous mannerisms providing some entertainment alongside the odd doosie on the thoroughly British dub track which is forced upon the viewer.

In all other aspects this is a failure, with badly drawn characters portrayed by actors that lack even the slightest hint of charisma, while the action is poorly staged, lacking inspiration and packing no punch whatsoever. Even the girls fail to provide any real entertainment value, none of them seem able to hold their on in a fight while the ninja style techniques they employ rely upon obvious editing and camera techniques, and though I usually abhor the idea there are no seedy on screen elements to the story that might otherwise have offered some value in this stale effort.

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If I thought the film was bad then the presentation is even worse. Presented in 4:3 this is basically a widescreen print with the sides lopped off. Worse still it’s tape sourced and looks no better than a worn out, overused VHS copy with a soundtrack to match as the audio occasionally drops out or throws in some high pitched pops. As previously mentioned there is only the option of the English dub, a track that is filled with British voices doing their best to ham up the proceedings.

Extras include a UK Promotional Trailer, weblinks and previews of other 55th Chamber releases.

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